New Hotel Transylvania 3 Trailer Has Dracula Trying To Find Love On The High Seas

The Count Dracula of the Hotel Transylvania film series isn't the sinister villain that he's usually depicted as in most other media appearances. Rather than spend his free time sucking the blood of human innocents, Adam Sandler's Dracula established a hotel where monsters of all shapes and sizes will be safe from harm and persecution. Over the last two Hotel Transylvania movies, Dracula's life has significantly changed, from gaining a son-in-law and grandson to his hotel now being open to humans, who no longer have issues with monsters. Still, even Dracula is capable of feeling lonely, and as you'll see in the new trailer below for Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, he'll set out on a cruise vacation with his family so he can find new love. Cue wacky shenanigans.

While the first Hotel Transylvania 3 trailer focused on the overall vacation setting of the threequel, this new preview dedicates more attention to Dracula's romantic pursuit. At the beginning of the first Hotel Transylvania movie, Dracula's wife, Martha, was killed by a mob of angry humans, and after decades of mourning and dedicating his attention to his business endeavors, raising his daughter and look after his grandson, he's finally ready to start dating again. Alas, that Siri equivalent and the monster dating app Zingr clearly isn't going to help him find a woman to go out with, but fortunately, his daughter, Mavis, has arranged for the family and their friends to vacation on the high seas. And while the S.S. Legacy may not be the Love Boat, perhaps here he'll finally have some luck with the ladies.

Enter Kathryn Hahn's Erika, the captain of this ship who Dracula immediately falls head over heels for, leading him to speak incoherent babble. Unfortunately, Erika is also the great-granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing, monster hunter extraordinaire, and like him, she despises all monsters. So while Erika pretends to also be interested in Dracula, she's really just trying to eliminate him. Though she might want to update her intel on what it takes to kill a vampire, as putting garlic oil on guacamole doesn't lethally poison Dracula, but just gives him gas. As if having the captain of your cruise being a monster-hater wasn't bad enough, Dracula and his friends and family will also have to deal with a number of other crazy events, from a giant kraken attacking the ship to stumbling across the Bermuda Triangle. This is all stressful for them, but for a Hotel Transylvania movie, this is basically par for the course.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation will be released in theaters on July 13. To learn what other movies are arriving this year, look through our 2018 premiere schedule.

Adam Holmes
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