Justice League Dark May Feature Some Cool DC Hero Cameos

Justice League Dark

The Justice League Dark was among the many new additions to the DC Comics mythology in the New 52 reboot, and a couple years after the team's debut, Guillermo del Toro signed on to helm a Justice League Dark movie. In the years since, the movie has remained part of the ever-growing DC Extended Universe film slate, but it's also been passed to several other directors, and there's still no indication when it will actually become a reality. Nevertheless, Justice League Dark is still in development, and along with its lineup of starring protagonists, the script reportedly features cameos from several other DC heroes, who will collectively comprise the Shadowpact.

Apparently there's a scene in Justice League Dark where the main characters visit The Oblivion Bar, which is run by Eddie Deacon, located in a pocket dimension and only accessible to magic users. Among the many patrons at Oblivion are the Shadowpact, which in this movie is made up of Detective Chimp, Doctor Fate, Black Orchid, Pandora and The Phantom Stranger. But before any of you get too excited, That Hashtag Show's report made it clear that the Shadowpact is not expected to play a major role in the Justice League Dark story. They will simply be cameoing, and the Justice League Dark won't interact with them.

The Shadowpact made their DC Comics debut in 2005's Day of Vengeance #1, where they came together to battle The Spectre, a powerful mystical entity that seeks vengeance for innocents who've been wronged. The Shadowpact later starred in their own series of the same name and also appeared in the Reign in Hell miniseries. Many of the team's members (both in the comics and the one rumored to appear in Justice League Dark) have been part of the DC universe for decades, and since Justice League Dark is one of the few DCEU movies in the works where magic is central to the premise, having the Shadowpact briefly pop in is fitting. While it's far too soon to tell if Justice League Dark will launch a film series, if that happens, I could see some of the Shadowpact characters returning to play bigger roles, particularly Doctor Fate and Phantom Stranger.

No specific plot details for Justice League Dark have been revealed yet, and the team's roster hasn't been officially confirmed yet, though the main players that have been mentioned to appear over the years have included John Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon, Spectre and Madame Xanadu. Doug Liman was the last director attached to Justice League Dark, but he departed the movie due to not being impressed with the script. Jon Spaihts is now reportedly working on the story.

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