Watch Exclusive Phantom Thread Deleted Scenes From The New DVD

Daniel Day Lewis in Phantom Thread

Months after its release into theaters, Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread still feels like a dream -- though one we experienced while being awake, and dialed in to all of our senses. This is the effect that Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) and his brilliant collaborator, Mr. Anderson, have on an audience... as well as on the women who wear the fantastic clothes that Woodcock designs. This all makes more sense once you have seen Phantom Thread, and if you haven't, it's coming to DVD on April 10 (it's on streaming already). To celebrate, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment gave CinemaBlend an exclusive clip of deleted scenes from Phantom Thread, under the exquisite title For the Hungry Boy:

You can practically hear Alma (Vicky Krieps) buttering her toast, and Reynolds glaring, disapprovingly, at the savage culinary act. In Phantom Thread, renowned dress designer Reynolds Woodcock (Oscar nominated Daniel Day-Lewis) balances his work with fleeting romances. His current lust falls on Alma, a waitress at a country restaurant who ignites Reynolds' creative flame. Only, Woodcock's protective sister (Oscar nominated Lesley Manville) understands that this relationship is doomed, unless Alma can find the true path to Woodcock's unpredictable heart.

Phantom Thread was recently nominated for six Academy Awards, and it took home one -- for Best Achievement in Costume Design, of course. And that's part of what Vicky Krieps is elaborating on in the above clip. The allure of Reynolds' design. The way that his handcrafted dresses can make a woman feel -- particularly if they lack confidence in themselves. It's a slippery slope of emotional turmoil, and one that Paul Thomas Anderson loves to explore in his expertly crafted vehicle.

But we expect nothing less from a genius like PTA, who unfortunately will no longer have this particular muse at his disposal. Phantom Thread might be the follow up, for Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis, to There Will Be Blood. But it's also rumored to be DDL's final on-screen performance, as he announced his retirement from acting before this movie arrived. Will the retirement last? Who's to say. For now, appreciate all that you can about Phantom Thread, for it might be the last thing DDL gives his fans from here on out.

In addition to the above For the Hungry Boy deleted scenes clip, the Phantom Thread DVD and Blu-ray set will include a digital copy of the movie, camera tests, behind-the-scenes photography, and a feature called "House of Woodcock Fashion Show." Order it now on Amazon. It will be everywhere starting Tuesday, April 10.

Sean O'Connell
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