More Proof Juggernaut Might Be In Deadpool 2

Deadpool comics

The release of next weekend's Deadpool 2 will be an exciting time for fans of the X-Men film and comic universes. In addition to the return of the Merc with the Mouth, we will finally see fan favorite character Cable make his feature film debut alongside members of the X-Force. Yet there is one character who has not been confirmed to show up, but it is looking and sounding increasingly likely that he will appear in Deadpool 2: none other than the Juggernaut. The evidence pointing to an appearance from the smasher of walls and spawner of memes is a song on the Deadpool 2 score titled "You Can't Stop This Mother F***." Yup, that sounds like Juggernaut all right.

The track itself is an orchestral piece featuring a choir singing the telling and on-brand lines "You can't stop him/You can't stop this mother fucker." As we've seen from the trailers, Josh Brolin's Cable looks pretty unstoppable (kind of his MO at the moment), but there is already evidence to suggest that Juggernaut is in this movie, and this song only strengthens that. It also fits with the Deadpool tone and the nature of the Juggernaut character we saw in X-Men: The Last Stand (although I imagine it probably would be a different actor and interpretation). Juggernaut is a rampaging, nigh indestructible mutant who exemplifies unstoppable force, so if anyone is a mother fucker you can't stop, it's Juggernaut. The refrain to the choir actually calls back "Holy shit balls," which sounds exactly like something Wade Wilson would say when confronted with the Juggernaut running at him. Listen to "You Can't Stop This Mother*" below:

That song certainly has the intensity and drama that an encounter with Juggernaut would bring to the film, making him the force he should be. I love that it is played straight too, with the choir singing the lyrics without a hint of irony, thus making them all the more ironic, as is the musical trend with Deadpool 2. We know that, at least for part of the film, Cable will be an antagonist to Wade and the X-Force, so I'm curious how Juggernaut would fit in. It would be fun to see him squaring off with Colossus or Cable, but I can also imagine Deadpool once again destroying himself trying to stop the unstoppable force, like he did with Colossus in the first film.

As reported by Billboard, the score for Deadpool 2 comes from composer Tyler Bates who has also worked on Guardians of the Galaxy and the John Wick series. As you can probably tell from the lyrics and the video, most movie scores don't include such colorful language, making Deadpool 2 something of a trailblazer. The music from Deadpool 2 has earned a parental advisory sticker and is the first all-music film score to do so. Of course it is. We wondered if the sequel film could match the absurdity and brilliant marketing of the first one, and here we are. Deadpool 2 continues to do different weird and fun things to draw attention to itself, all while matching the character and tone of the film.

Deadpool 2 crashes into theaters on May 18. For all the latest on the Merc with the Mouth and curse-filled classical music, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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