Deadpool Just Poked Fun At The Infinity War Spoiler Threat With His Own Version

Not everybody likes spoilers. Most fans prefer to come into their movies without knowing important details in order to enjoy the cinematic experience and be surprised by every twist and turn. Marvel made a plea to fans to avoid spoiling Avengers: Infinity War for others, and now Ryan Reynolds has done the same with his new movie. Of course, as you might expect, the letter written by Deadpool asking fans not to spoil Deadpool 2 is quite a bit funnier than the one the Russos sent out. Enjoy it below.

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The Russo Brothers and other members of the Marvel Universe posted a letter to fans using the hashtag #ThaosDemandsYourSilence as a way to encourage the fans who saw Avengers: Infinity War early to keep spoilers away from those who would see it later so that everybody could enjoy the movie equally. Deadpool 2 seems to be trying to do the same thing, but, of course, the creative team is being ridiculous about it. In addition, Ryan Reynolds' hashtag is quite a bit longer. It's a good thing Twitter expanded the character limit.

It's difficult to decide what the best part of this letter is. Personally, I'm a fan of the 20th Century Fox logo being crossed out in the letterhead and replaced with TBD, because Fox is in the process of selling off its movie studio, and while the expectation has been that Disney will be taking over, late word is that Comcast hasn't given up quite yet, so nobody really knows where all this is going. Deadpool works for somebody, but he doesn't know who yet.

Then you've got the massive gloved hand holding the note, as the Avengers version also had, though this one adds a bunch of additional tiny hands, and paws. It's unclear if that's supposed to be a baby's hand or a mid-regeneration Deadpool limb.

From there we get into the plea to avoid spoilers, that includes the claim that even Ryan Reynolds doesn't know the plot of the movie. To be fair, the marketing for Deadpool 2 had done such a good job at just focusing on Ryan Reynolds being silly that the team was able to get pretty far without revealing much of anything regarding the plot, besides the fact that Josh Brolin was in it as Cable. More recently we have learned that the story will revolve around Cable's attempts to kill a child mutant, and Deadpool's decision to act as the kid's bodyguard.

That being said, beyond that basic setup there's a lot we don't know, and just because Deadpool 2 may focus as much on the comedy as the superhero action doesn't mean that people don't want to go into the movie just as spoiler free as they did with Avengers: Infinity War. Comedy is less funny the second time around and if for that reason alone we don't want to hear all the good jokes before we make it to the theater.

If the movie is half as funny as the letter, we should be in pretty good shape. Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18.

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