The brutal ending to Avengers: Infinity War quite literally broke the Marvel Cinematic Universe in half, and while all of us fans are still obsessing over how it'll all be put back together in Avengers 4, the higher-ups at Marvel Studios and Disney are already thinking about Phase 4. The next set of films is still a huge mystery, and in an earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that they might table the Avengers franchise for awhile and replace it with something new. That's a pretty big bombshell just to drop right there in the boardroom, but it's certainly an intriguing clue as to what we can expect the MCU to look like in a few years.

The Avengers may be the No. 1 team of Marvel Comics, but there is no shortage of superhero teams -- and only half of them are Avengers spin-offs! Whether these teams are capable of being the new blockbuster franchise cornerstone of the MCU is up for debate, but Marvel has certainly exceeded expectations before. (Groot has made me cry twice now). Here are seven teams that could potentially replace the Avengers.

New Avengers

The most obvious one with probably the least imaginative name, but it's right on the money. After the Avengers had broken up in the comics after a tragedy, they later reformed with an all-star lineup that included popular characters that had never been on the team before, like Spider-Man and Wolverine. The book was a big attempt by Marvel to bring the Avengers to the forefront and it worked, spawning a huge line of relaunches and spin-offs. While a movie version of the team couldn't have the exact same lineup, it would need to capture the overall energy and spirit of the books: a fresh start for Earth's mightiest.

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