The Awesome Star Wars Spinoff Alden Ehrenreich Wants To See After Solo: A Star Wars Story

Alden Ehrenreich Han Solo A Star Wars Story

The Star Wars franchise is a sprawling landscape with nearly infinite possibilities for interesting stories and adventures, which makes the spinoff films such an exciting prospect. Solo: A Star Wars Story is the next project on the docket, but every Star Wars fan has his or her own favorite idea for what Star Wars anthology movie they would like to see next. That's something CinemaBlend recently spoke to Han Solo actor Alden Ehrenreich about during the recent Solo press day in Los Angeles, and he told us that he wants to see a spinoff movie focusing on scouts during the early days of the Republic. Ehrenreich opened up to us and explained:

When I was learning about this, there's something called scouts, which is early days of the Republic, there were scouts whose job it was to basically go, they were like settlers. They were pioneers. They would go to unknown planets and learn about them and learn about these various planets. That seemed like a very interesting part of this world.

Alden Ehrenreich definitely knows his stuff. Some fans have clamored for a film focusing on the Old Republic for quite some time, and the Solo: A Star Wars Story actor thinks that a movie telling the story of the Republic Scout Service could provide a refreshing new look at the Star Wars galaxy. The franchise has long thrived by offering an Old West-esque take on the galaxy far, far away, but this would lean even harder into the pioneer element and focus on the pre-Empire Republic in the early years when it decided to explore the far reaches of the Outer Rim.

As enticing as a Republic Scout Service-based Star Wars movie seems to be when considering Alden Ehrenreich's brief pitch, we do need to remember that there are other Star Wars spinoff movies that could come about first. Specifically, there have been rumblings of an Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff movie, and although Lucasfilm hasn't officially announced it, that's a project that fans have been excited about over the years. Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy also mentioned to a French outlet that she'd eventually like to see a Lando-centric film, as well, which might take precedence over something like the Republic Scout Service. There's clearly no shortage of material for Lucasfilm and Disney to mine in the creation of new stories so we will have to wait and see if they ever get around to telling this particular Old Republic story.

For now, audiences can look forward to seeing Alden Ehrenreich's debut as Han Solo this weekend when Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts. Telling the story of Han's origins, the film will follow the Corellian smuggler as he escapes his home planet and goes on a journey to become the most iconic pilot in the galaxy.

Regardless of whether or not we ever get a chance to see a Republic scout Star Wars anthology movie, audiences will get a chance to see Han Solo's first spinoff adventure this weekend when Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts in theaters on May 25. As for the current trilogy of Star Wars films, make sure to watch out for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode IX next year when the film premieres on December 20!

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