The Eyeball Injury Johnny Knoxville Got While Shooting Action Point Is Disgusting

Johnny Knoxville in Action Point

This summer, two major movie stars will once again be giving everything that they have, physically, to entertain their die-hard fans. Tom Cruise risks life and limb in the latest Mission: Impossible movie, naturally. But before that, Johnny Knoxville slips back into his spare-no-stunt Jackass persona to bring a new comedy to theaters. In Action Point, Knoxville plays the one-time owner of a dilapidated theme park who removes all safety restrictions in order to drum up more business. And according to the actor, he injured himself badly for his art. Again. Only, this one sounds horrific. Explains Knoxville:

I got hurt more on this film than any film I've ever done. I got four concussions, broke my wrist, busted my knee, got stitches, whiplash, uh, lost two and half teeth. ... Once I got home from the emergency room after one bad concussion ... I had blood in my nose so I blew my nose, and when I did, my left eye popped out of the socket. ... They say I didn't break [a bone near my eye], it disappeared on impact, so when I was blowing my nose I was blowing air around my eyeball pushing it out.

Let's stop for a minute and discuss the pain that Johnny Knoxville endured for Action Point. When a guy who has filmed countless Jackass stunts says that he got more hurt for this than for anything else, you sit up and take notice. Concussions? Expected. Stitches? Probably unavoidable. Losing almost three teeth? Yeah, that's where I'd punch out.

But the eyeball, which he talks about with Vulture? That's beyond a deal-breaker. That can't happen. It can't be allowed to happen! Imagine the pain that must come with breaking your skull so badly that the simple act of blowing your nose... sorry, blowing BLOOD from your nose, causes your eyeball to leave its socket.

Throwing up now.

You'd probably assume that Action Point shut down production for weeks to let Johnny Knoxville heal. You would be wrong. Vulture says that instead, the production simply had to film its leading man from the right side of his face for about six days.

Take that, Tom Cruise. Look for the moment Johnny Knoxville damages his skull in the most recent Action Point trailer:

Action Point bounces into theaters in June 1, giving audiences an alternative to the superhero and Star Wars storytelling. Want to know what else opens in theaters as the year rolls along? You are in luck. We have a 2018 Movie Release Calendar that you should bookmark.

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