Netflix’s Charlie Cox Says He Loves Ben Affleck’s Version Of Daredevil

Ben Affleck and Charlie Cox as Daredevil

Ben Affleck has made some good movies, and then he has made some not-so-good movies, from Gigli to Daredevil, that people really have not latched onto. The latter of those flicks often gets brought up, both because it was Ben Affleck in the tight suit playing Matt Murdock, and because now there is a Netflix series starring Charlie Cox as Murdock to compare it to. While that the 2003 film is often brought up as an example of one of the genre's missteps on its march towards dominance, the man who is now Daredevil in the MCU recently admitted he really likes Ben Affleck's performance in the film. When asked to compare his Daredevil to Affleck's, Charlie Cox had this to say:

Personally, I think... I'm just laughing because I get asked this a lot and sadly I'm going to say the same thing that I've said before. I happen to think Ben Affleck's performance as Daredevil is fantastic. I really like his Matt Murdock... I stole a lot of stuff.

Speaking at a panel at the Comicpalooza convention (via, Charlie Cox doesn't seem to feel all the hate for Ben Affleck's Daredevil that has built up over the years. He must get this question all the time from fans who are thrilled with his interpretation of the character on the small screen, one that reviews and fans have stated does the character justice. Yet he doesn't seem to feel any need to put his portrayal of the character over. Not only does Charlie Cox like his predecessor's performance, he actually took some cues and inspiration for his own interpretation of The Man Without Fear. That means if you like Charlie Cox's Daredevil, that's partially because of Ben Affleck's Daredevil.

Now lest you think Charlie Cox is a fan of the film itself, he noted that he doesn't like Daredevil, just Ben Affleck's performance in it. Like many, Charlie Cox noted that the problem with that movie was its tone. Daredevil is meant to be a darker character, and while the 2003 film tried to do this to some degree, for me its tone was far too cartoonish, leading to a dissonance between the film and the spirit of the character. Daredevil is about brutal fights in hallways and stairwells, not flirty playground dance fights. Ben Affleck did what he was supposed to do in it and gave a committed performance, but he couldn't overcome the problems of the movie as a whole. Sadly, that wouldn't be the last time Ben Affleck gave his all to a superhero film only for it to not be universally loved.

As for Charlie Cox's Daredevil, Season 3 of the Netflix show is in the works and could premiere sometime in 2018. Daredevil Season 3 will see the return of Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk, as well as the appearance of Matt Murdock's mother. Season 3 will also see the introduction of Bullseye. Colin Farrell played the villain in the 2003 film with scenery-chewing glee, but the Netflix series is expected to take a much more grounded approach to the character.

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