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Daredevil Has Cast Matt Murdock's Mother For Season 3

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Fans of Netflix's Daredevil have been waiting almost two full years for another season of the superhero series. Although Matt Murdock and his pals did turn up in The Defenders (and Karen had a substantial role on The Punisher Season 1), the third season has yet to hit the web, and details have been relatively scarce. One thing that has been confirmed for Season 3 is the involvement of a character by the name of Sister Maggie, who fans of Marvel Comics know as none other than Matt's mother. Now, we know just who will bring the character to life on the small screen. Joanne Whalley of The White Princess is on board to play Sister Maggie in Daredevil Season 3.

Netflix and Marvel have kept a tight lid on spoilers of what's to come in the third season, but we do know now that Joanne Whalley will play "the steel spined Sister Maggie." Technically, it has not yet been confirmed that the Sister Maggie who was name-dropped in the Defenders finale is Matt Murdock's mom. Nevertheless, Daredevil star Charlie Cox has confirmed that Season 3 will draw heavily from the classic Marvel Comics story known as "Born Again."

In "Born Again," Matt is nursed by to health by his mother, who has become a nun by the name of Sister Maggie. The news of Joanne Whalley's casting (courtesy of Deadline) combined with "Born Again" story elements make it pretty clear that Maggie will be Matt's mom and play a major role in his recovery from his near-death at the end of The Defenders. Of course, Charlie Cox has also made it clear that Daredevil won't be adapting everything from the "Born Again" story exactly as it happened on the page, but his comments indicate that the major story elements of the comics will be present in the third season, and that almost certainly means Maggie as Matt's mother.

Interestingly, the "Born Again" story that ultimately reunites Matt with his mother in the comics features Kingpin quite heavily. In fact, Kingpin's actions so thoroughly devastate Matt's life that he's pushed to the limits of his abilities (and sanity). The fact that Matt was grievously injured in The Defenders rather than by Kingpin in Daredevil obviously means that Season 3 will take some significant liberties with at least the beginning of "Born Again." That said, one of the relatively few details we know about Season 3 is that Vincent D'Onofrio is reprising his role as Kingpin. Could Kingpin become active in Hell's Kitchen again and force Matt to interact with his mom throughout the season?

We'll have to wait and see. The bad news is that Netflix has not yet announced a premiere date for Daredevil. For more of what to expect in Daredevil's future, be sure to swing by our breakdown of what we know so far about Season 3. The next Marvel show to return to the streaming service will be Jessica Jones with Season 2 in March. For more viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, don't forget to take a look at our 2018 Netflix premiere guide and our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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