Could Sicario 3 Bring Emily Blunt Back? Here's What One Producer Told Us

Emily Blunt Sicario

The Sicario brand is going in a different direction with its second installment by moving away from the heroine of the original. Emily Blunt's Kate Macer won't appear in Sicario: Day of the Soldado, but we're left to wonder if there's a future for the character at some point in another installment. With that in mind, I asked Day of the Soldado producer Trent Luckinbill about the possibility of the Edge of Tomorrow star coming back into the fold, and he admitted that it's something that has been discussed as they have begun talking about Sicario 3. Luckinbill explained:

Sure. Yeah. Absolutely. I think Taylor certainly has some ideas about all of that, but we're open to that world and certainly would love to bring Emily back. We haven't written the script yet, but yeah it would make a lot of sense. We're all fans of the movie, we've all come to the same conclusion, which is 'It would be great to see her again.' So I think we're striking up those conversations now.

So while Taylor Sheridan has not actually written the script for Sicario 3 yet, conversations have been had with regards to the plot and where they want to go in a third installment. There's no guarantee that Sheridan's script will include Kate Macer as a character or if Emily Blunt will agree to return. That said, with the premiere of Sicario: Day of the Soldado looming and the creative team beginning to develop the third film, the idea of bringing Kate back is something that they're taking seriously.

Thematically speaking, bringing Emily Blunt back as Kate Macer for the third entry in the Sicario series would make quite a bit of sense. The first film used her as a way into this world, and the intense second film has shifted away from her to provide more insight into the minds of Matt (Josh Brolin) and Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro). With all three characters presumably fleshed out by the end of Day of the Soldado, it would make perfect sense for Kate to return so loose ends can be tied off in a meaningful way.

For now, however, the focus is on Sicario: Day of the Soldado. The second installment in the series once again sees Matt and Alejandro journey south of the border to take on drug cartels, this time bolstered by the American government's newfound classification of cartels as terrorist organizations. The duo has a plan to take down one of the most prominent drug rings in the country, but things go awry when a young girl (Isabela Moner) becomes a target of the United States military, and Alejandro decides that she deserves to live.

Until we learn more about the third entry in the Sicario franchise, make sure to stay tuned for more updates related to Sicario: Day of the Soldado, which will hit theaters later this month on June 29.

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