Netflix’s A Christmas Prince Is Getting A Sequel

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Netflix hasn't released movies that have been super critically acclaimed, but the subscription streaming service has certainly found people who are willing to watch its content. Case in point is A Christmas Prince, a Netflix movie that mimicked Hallmark's Christmas movie model by pairing a journalist with a prince who is going through some family stuff. The movie was a hit, to the point where Netflix revealed there were dozens of people who watched the movie every day for 18 days. It was a big deal, guys. While Netflix doesn't give out its ratings numbers, these stats were interesting enough that the service even called those viewers out for watching repeatedly. People were fans, making it no huge shock that Netflix has announced a follow-up to the holiday movie called A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

That's right, following the events at the end of A Christmas Prince, which sees Amber not only admit to the prince --the love of her life -- that she had duped him previously and was a journalist, but also figure out that the previous king had written a proclamation declaring Richard the heir despite being adopted, Netflix is opting for a continuation of the story. Netflix says The Royal Wedding will follow Amber working to help Richard actually find his way as the rightful heir to the throne. In addition, the two also want to get married -- at Christmas, of course. However, that's not enough for a plot of a Netflix movie, so Amber will be struggling with her decision to join the monarchy, and Richard will also be dealing with political issue that will "threaten to tarnish" Christmas, per THR.

It's unsaid, but obviously Amber will need to save the day and marry her partner so that the holidays can go on undeterred. After all, Richard has a sister, Emily, who still believes in the magic of the holidays. No political plot should ruin the day for her!

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is already in production, and while Netflix doesn't usually announce release dates that far in advance, and hasn't in this case, it is expected to get a holiday release, due to its theme and title. Which means it will be competing with Hallmark's extensive lineup of Christmas movies this coming year.

Rose McIver and Ben Lamb will be returning for the sequel, and Alice Krige will also be back for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. The announcement comes on the heels of the real-life Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which is rather smartly calculated timing for an announcement. We also learned that John Schultz is directing, and Robin Bernheim and Nate Atkins have written the project. Finally, Brad Krevoy is producing.

We'll let you know as soon as A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding gets an official release date. In the meantime, you can see what is heading to Netflix with our release schedule.

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