Avengers 4 Fan Theory About Nick Fury And Iron Man Actually Sounds Awesome

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Following the events of Avengers: Infinity War, there are a lot of theories about why things happened in certain ways and what may happen next. However, one particular fan theory may be on to something. It suggests that there might be one person who knew more about what was going on with "the snap" than we realized, and that person was Nick Fury.

The theory, and until proven otherwise, it is still just a theory, comes from Reddit user sjvkrgr1, who begins by turning one popular Avengers: Infinity War question on its head. While many have wondered why, if Nick Fury had the ability to contact Captain Marvel, he never did so during any of Earth's previous crises. This theory suggests that there's a specific reason that he waited until now. He had some knowledge of what was happening. The user believes that when Fury sees Maria Hill vanish, Fury seems to be prepared more than shocked, he goes immediately for the pager, like he knows that's what he needs to do.

The theory surmises that somehow, via his association with Captain Marvel, Nick Fury has perhaps seen the future before and was expecting this event to take place. He knew that, when it happened, he would need to call her, so that's exactly what he does. However, that's not the only thing Fury knew. He also knew that Tony Stark would be key to the future, which is why Fury has been so invested in Iron Man in the past. Once Iron Man makes himself known, Nick Fury appears. When Tony Stark gets a little self-destructive in Iron Man 2, Fury is there to help him. Fury even specifically tells Tony that he cares about him during Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Nick Fury even says, when Tony says he watched his friends die, that he, Tony, did not, like Fury had seen it before and knew Tony lived. So the idea is that Nick Fury had somehow been made aware that this moment would happen, that Iron Man would survive it, and Captain Marvel would need to be called in.

To be fair, part of the reason I love this theory is that it plays into one that we here at CinemaBlend already had. We suggested early on that the reason Doctor Strange gives up the Time Stone to Thanos to save Tony's life is that he saw, in the one potential future where the good guys win, that Iron Man would be key to that victory. This theory fits quite nicely into that one.

If there's any truth to this theory, we'll probably find out before Avengers 4 arrives as Captain Marvel will probably reveal all early next year.

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