Suicide Squad 2 Delays May Be A Good Thing For Will Smith Fans

Will Smith Suicide Squad

Both DC fans and Will Smith are eagerly awaiting the sequel to Suicide Squad, but with that movie not coming out for a while, it may actually be a good thing for Will Smith fans, because it means they will get even more WIll Smith movies. The fact that Smith won't be busy with Suicide Squad 2 for a while apparently means he'll be free to film a pair of other highly anticipated sequels, Bad Boys for Life and Bright 2.

While Suicide Squad 2 has been a movie that we knew was coming for quite some time, there hasn't been a lot of forward momentum behind it, so exactly when we might see it was anybody's guess. Now, it's being reported that director Gavin O'Conner is set to direct a different film this fall, meaning that he won't be able to get to Suicide Squad 2 until some time next year. The gap in Smith's schedule is apparently allowing Sony to move up the filming date of the long-delayed Bad Boys for Life. The third Bad Boys film has been something fans have been hoping for and in the last couple of years the project has transitioned from being a fantasy to being something much more real, however, the release date of the film keeps getting pushed back as production never actually materializes. Now Sony, who was looking to start filming at the end of this year, is actually looking to move filming up to the fall.

With filming of Bad Boys for Life done, Will Smith would then seem to to be planning to move into filming Bright 2 which, according to Geeks World Wide, is looking to start filming early next year. Netflix gave the green light to the David Ayer directed sequel following the first film's popular success among viewers, despite a generally low opinion among critics.

If Will Smith's schedule comes together as is being reported, then he himself wouldn't be available to film Suicide Squad 2 until some time in the latter half of 2019, meaning the movie probably wouldn't be released until the late summer of 2020 at the earliest. This, of course, assumes that everybody else in the cast is available then, and with all the various DC projects that Margot Robbie has planned surrounding Harley Quinn, it's possible that she or others might push Suicide Squad 2 back even further.

For a movie that did remarkably well at the box office, it's more than a little surprising that it's taking this long to make the sequel happen. However, for those who loved Suicide Squad because they love Will Smith, it seems the actor will have plenty of sequels to keep fans entertained until Dead shot returns.

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