Outlaw King Trailer: Watch Chris Pine Try A Scottish Accent As Robert The Bruce

Netflix is no longer just dipping its toes into the original movie game. These days the subscription service is releasing big titles every month, starring some of the biggest names in the business. Coming up, Netflix will make a new biopic available about none other than Robert the Bruce. Starring as the famous Scot is none other than Chris Pine. If you'd like to see the Los Angeles-born actor attempt a tricky accent, you definitely need to check this new trailer out. Take a look.

The trailer starts out in a small boat filled with bearded dudes, which honestly reminds me a lot of Vikings, especially early on. Robert the Bruce, as played by Chris Pine, is asked whether or not he's "thinking about revenge," and we get quick flashbacks of a time of terror where Robert the Bruce's family was harangued and his brother hanged to prove a point.

The rest of the Outlaw King trailer is all medieval goodness. Cool accents, burning churches, trebuchets, pints of ale, dudes on horses, people sneaking into castles via ladder -- the whole works pop up in the trailer. Partially through the trailer we also get some gory battle scenes -- not to mention some sweet archery- but otherwise it's a whole bunch of (dramatic) fun.

Revenge is clearly going to be a key theme in Outlaw King. Those familiar with the historical tale of Robert the Bruce know that when he was in his early thirties, after a bout where he followed William Wallace in his revolt against Edward I, and was later crowned King of Scotland, sparking a Civil War. The next few years would be full of tumult, as Robert the Bruce took on Edward I and Edward II, eventually signing a peace treaty with Edward III. Both Edward I and Edward II will have roles in Outlaw King, with the former played by Stephen Dillane and the latter played by Billy Howle. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Florence Pugh also star in the upcoming Netflix film.

Outlaw King is a special release for Netflix. There's been a whole bunch of back and forth between Netflix and movie theaters in recent years, as the streaming service prefers its content to go straight to Netflix. However, in order to be an awards contender, a movie needs a theatrical run and theaters have specific ideas for how long movies should be able to run before they are released elsewhere. The whole debate has been a bit contentious, with rumors indicating Netflix might even be interested in buying its own theaters, but now apparently Netflix has enough faith in the Outlaw King that it will be in select theaters starting on November 9. The flick will also be available on Netflix, and will open at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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