It Was Always Adam Devine’s Plan To Do Full Frontal Nudity For Game Over, Man

Adam Devine Game over Man

Netflix has a tradition of pushing the envelope with its content, which includes doing or showing things that might not get exposure in theatrically released movies. Now, with the release of Kyle Newacheck's Game Over, Man! later this week, it seems that the streaming platform's next original film has once again embraced that idea. In fact, in one sequence in the movie, star Adam Devine does full frontal nudity, and while the prospect of such a scene might intimidate some actors, Devine recently sat down with CinemaBlend and explained that he had six whole years to get ready for the nudity because it was always the plan for him to go through with it. The Pitch Perfect star told us:

We wrote this movie for the first time like six years ago. So it's been going through different incarnations since then. There's only two scenes that made it through absolutely every draft. It was the Shaggy scene and my dick hanging out scene. So I had years to get used to the idea. So by the time I did it, it wasn't even a thing. I was so fine with it.

For Adam Devine, it sounds like the fact that he was going to show full frontal nudity in Game Over, Man! was made easier because the movie went through six years of development before he had to go through with it finally. Male nudity is a somewhat rare sight in mainstream films (at least relative to female nudity), so the fact that Devine decided to commit to the gag is fairly noteworthy.

There was also never a question of whether or not it would be Adam Devine to pull off the scene in question. Elsewhere in our conversation with the Workaholics alumni about the decision to do the scene, Devine explained that his character in Game Over, Man! was written in such an insane way that made him the natural choice to do it. Devine continued:

My character in the film is the most insane. He's the craziest one. And also I probably am the only one of the three of us that would do it. So it worked.

Aside from the full frontal nudity, Adam Devine also noted that there was one other scene in the film that made it through every incarnation of the script. The film features a wide array of celebrity cameos ranging from Portlandia's Fred Armisen to Scrubs' Donald Faison and Workaholics alumni/22 Jump Street star Jillian Bell, and musician Shaggy is one of the many celebrities to show up at the party. He is one of the hostages seen multiple times throughout the movie, and the creative team always knew that they wanted to include him in a sequence.

Game Over, Man! stars Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm as a trio of maids stuck in a Die Hard-esque scenario when a group of terrorists takes over their hotel in Lost Angeles. In addition to bringing all three of the main Workaholics actors back together for their first feature, the movie is also the directorial debut of Workaholics writer/director Kyle Newacheck.

Game Over, Man! will drop on Netflix later this week on March 23. Make sure to check it out when it debuts, and keep an eye out for all of our awesome coverage of the film. Also, make sure to take a look at our Netflix premiere guide and our 2018 movie premiere guide to see what other promising films are set to debut this year!

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