Warwick Davis Actually Played A Lot More Roles In Solo Than We Realized

Warwick Davis as Weazel in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Warwick Davis has had a cameo role in every new Star Wars movie that has come out in recent years, but he actually had a lot more than one in Solo: A Star Wars Story. While we saw the actor's face in the role of Weazel, Davis actually took on an additional five roles, for a total of six different parts over the course of Solo. I spoke with the actor earlier this week and Davis ran through all of his different roles for me...

There was DD-BD [a droid on Kessel], and then we have another droid, I think he was called Treybot, but he's the one, once he's released in the control room just goes a bit crazy smashing things. And then we have, during the Sabacc game is a little character that looks a little bit like sort of like a hamster kind of, he goes up and gives Han a little congratulatory pat when he wins the game. Then we have, during the Corellia spaceport sequence, I play, he looks like a little miniature astronaut with a gold visor. And then of course there's the two droids having the droid battle the bigger red one and smaller green one. I'm the smaller of the two there. And that's it. And then of course there's Weezel in both his kind of disguised state and undisguised state.

Warwick Davis has been a mainstay of the Star Wars universe ever since he first played Wicket in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, but the actor is frequently covered in either extensive make-up or an elaborate costume, so you can rarely tell it's him. While the fact that Davis played Weazel as well as one of the fight droids was previously known, I'm not sure everybody knew quite the extent of his presence in the film. Davis played multiple roles throughout the Harry Potter franchise as well but there he only played three characters over the course of a franchise. Here he played five in a single film.

It's the fact that Warwick Davis is rarely seen that allows him to be a sort of jack of all trades as an actor and take on these multiple roles in a single film. We don't even see Davis' face when we first see Weazel, as he's wearing a mask that doesn't come off until near the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

While most of these roles are small enough that they'd be little more than cameos, combined it shows that Warwick Davis works as hard as anybody on the set of a Star Wars movie, harder if you consider the hours he needs to often spend getting setup with makeup and prosthetics to bring his roles to life. It's no wonder he was excited to play a role in Solo that didn't require all that extra work.

Having appeared in every other new Star Wars movie, it seems likely he'll appear, at least once, in Star Wars: Episode IX, though Warwick Davis was not able to discuss that at this time.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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