What Harold And Kumar Are Doing Nowadays, According To John Cho

John Cho and Kal Penn in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

It's hard to talk about classic stoner comedies without talking about the Harold & Kumar movies. Not all comedies spawn trilogies, after all. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and its sequels saw best friends Harold and Kumar go on marijuana-fueled adventures including riding a cheetah towards a fast food establishment, escaping from Guantanamo Bay and smoking up with George W. Bush, as well as going on a Christmas adventure involving the Russian mob and Santa Claus, all with the help and hindrance of their friend Neil Patrick Harris. That's a lot of living. So what are Harold & Kumar up to nowadays? Well, John Cho has some thoughts, saying:

Today they'd be married and still doing weed. Married with children and stepping out on the patio.

Despite their wild youths, it sounds like Harold and Kumar have, like so many people, settled down and had kids, which probably leaves little time for the shenanigans these two used to be involved in. However, getting older and more mature doesn't necessarily mean changing who you are, so these two remain stoners at heart and thus are still smoking weed, and perhaps doing so legally depending on where they are living these days. As John Cho told ET, now they are just stepping out on the patio when they need to light up, becoming normal family men inside the house, but still the adventurous stoners they always were outside of it.

It wasn't always so obvious that it would turn out this way for Harold and Kumar. Their various shortcomings caused relationship problems throughout the trilogy, making marriage seem unlikely for the immature duo. Whether Harold is still married to Maria and if Kumar married Vanessa is unclear, but happy endings being what they are, I'd like to think so. Also, John Cho's Harold had actually given up smoking weed in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas and grown apart from Kal Penn's Kumar before rekindling their friendship and returning to marijuana at the end of the film. John Cho didn't speculate on their careers, but if the whole businessman thing didn't work out for Harold and being a doctor wasn't for Kumar, there's a growing legal marijuana industry that they seem well suited for.

The idea of Harold and Kumar as parents is pretty funny considering they would probably be faced with telling their teenagers not to smoke when they themselves had such magical adventures when doing so (not to mention still step out on the porch to light up a joint on the regular). I'd like to think that even though these two have settled down, they still meet up to enjoy some munchies at their favorite fast food establishment.

John Cho can currently be seen as a very concerned parent, who doesn't appear to be a stoner, in the thriller Searching. Check out CinemaBlend's release guide for all the biggest movies headed to theaters the rest of 2018.

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