New Aquaman Trailer Plunges Jason Momoa Into Some Epic Action

Jason Momoa is Aquaman

We are weeks away from taking the plunge with Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and the Atlanteans of James Wan's Aquaman. The DC superhero, last seen in Justice League, showed off an action-packed trailer to the Comic-Con crowd back in July, but Warner Bros. has saved one last look at the December blockbuster, and we have it for you now, below:

James Wan has established, in earlier conversations, that Aquaman will explore both the human side of Arthur, as well as the lure that's bringing him back to the throne of Atlantis. And this new trailer certainly places its focus on those two aspects, with plenty of underwater action, and the split that's driven between Aquaman's two worlds.

This is a massive look at the final movie, clocking in at nearly 6 minutes of footage that covers the full sweep of James Wan's movie. And it does an outstanding job of exploring the different realms that will be important to Aquaman's journey... and not all of them are underwater (as you can see by the desert scenes that really do harken back to Raiders of the Lost Ark, as Wan has been teasing).

But the bulk of the footage does plunge audiences below the surface of the water, where Arthur Curry begins his movie as an outcast who has rejected his heritage, but slowly evolves into the warrior king.

The ultimate selling point, though? The first official shot of Aquaman in his proper orange and green armor!

Aquaman in his full orange and green

Aquaman continues the adventures of the DCEU, but indicates the direction that Warner Bros' universe will head, with standalone movies for its various heroes that don't try to foce connections, a la the MCU. Wonder Woman 1984 and Shazam! plan to operate on their own playing fields, while Aquaman will avoid cameos and crossovers, and just give Jason Momoa the chance to expand this corner of the universe.

Like what you see out of the action in this extended tease? Then start getting excited for Aquaman, which will be in theaters on December 21. The year is drawing to a close, even though we still have some major blockbusters on the horizon. Still, if you already are looking ahead to 2019, we have you covered with a full rundown of 2019 Movie Release Dates, so bookmark this guide and reference it often.

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