Josh Gad Is Back To Trolling Fans About Possible Penguin Role

Josh Gad has proven to be notoriously fond of teasing a potential desire to play The Penguin in a DC project. He's been doing this as long ago as 2017 (which sounds positively ancient now that we've headed into 2019), and he hasn't stopped yet. This week, he proved he's still happy to troll about the gig, posting:

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In the early hours of the evening last night, Josh Gad posted a good night/good knight play on words for his myriad fans via Twitter. The actor may be trolling, but we doubt he'd say no if an actually opportunity as the character came along.

Over time, Josh Gad has had a lot of fun with these bids to play The Penguin. Back in May of 2017, Gad got the ball rolling with another Penguin-oriented post that was presented without comment.

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This led to fan art about what Josh Gad would look like as The Penguin and more. He later admitted he was "just having some fun" with the Internet, knowing that wild rumors often crop up about stuff like that.

If it had all ended there, it still would have been a fun story. But Josh Gad can't stop and won't stop. He visited DC's offices and met with Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. He even trolled director Matt Reeves, who is doing the Batman solo movie, with a funny penguin-oriented image. Given The Batman doesn't have an official release date yet, it could be awhile before we hear more about what the movie will entail.

You'd think all of this Penguin "fun" would get old, but it hasn't yet. The only thing that could make it less fun would be if and when DC announced someone else playing a major Penguin role. Then, Josh Gad would likely be forced to let go of the joke or double down and get really weird with it.

Perhaps one day a Penguin role will actually be in his future.

I suppose for now we'll have to continue getting our Penguin fix with the final season of Gotham, which is airing on Fox with Robin Lord Taylor in the role. Still, we'll be sure to keep you posted if the fun with Josh Gad continues, as it likely will.

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