Matthew McConaughey Does Not Remember Going Full-Frontal Nude For Serenity

Matthew McConaughey nude in Serenity

There’s a lot of buzz about Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway’s latest collaboration Serenity, from the way the two actors have reunited once more for a big screen romp to its twist ending. Plus there’s the fact that Matthew McConaughey allegedly goes full-frontal nude during Serenity, a fact he told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show he does not remember at all.

That’s what I keep hearing. And I say, I’m going to the premiere tonight and I have to see if there’s a new edit or a new cut of this film that I haven’t seen. I know there’s topless, and I’ve got people going up and saying ‘It’s great to see full-frontal,’ and I’m like, ‘What? Was it really? Was I?’

Look, if you’re a butt person, I can guarantee that Matthew McConaughey puts in a very nice derriere performance in this movie. However, he says that people have been coming up to him to congratulate him on the full-frontal nude scene in Serenity and he doesn’t remember agreeing to or doing that at all.

Per Stephen Colbert, one of his researchers went to see Serenity and said there’s a scene in which you can see everything, or what McConaughey jokingly refers to as his “Longbranch.” (Also the name of his bourbon, full disclosure.)

On The Late Show on CBS, Colbert went on to tell Matthew McConaughey that if he’s not actually fully nude in the movie, he should “Get that checked out.”

Matthew McConaughey and Stephen Colbert later discussed the alleged nude scene in Serenity, in which the actor jumps off of a cliff in the buff, with McConaughey also revealing,

I’m pretty sure I’ve got a nude colored thing on, that’s holding bits from being dangling. You don’t want to jump from that high into the water with things that are not [tied down].

Ah, the famed “wee-bag.” Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan knows exactly what that’s all about.

You can take a look at the full The Late Show with Stephen Colbert clip, below. (My favorite bit is actually when Colbert admits he’s in a “dry January” and decides to pretend the episode is a “rerun” so he can try Matthew McConaughey’s bourbon.)

So, if you planned to see Serenity this weekend just for the full-frontal, you might have to just content yourself with seeing Matthew McConaughey’s butt while he jumps off of a cliff. There are probably worse things you could do with your time.

Serenity is out in theaters now.

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