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Captain Marvel's Brie Larson And Samuel L. Jackson Tribute Goose The Cat For Love Your Pet Day

Yesterday was National Love Your Pet Day, and while I believe that every day should serve as an unofficial celebration of that day’s ideals, it does serve as a reminder to give a little extra love to the feathered, scaled and furred members of our families. One cinematic family that celebrated Love Your Pet Day was the cast of Captain Marvel. Take a look below to see Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson give Goose some love.

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This tweet from Marvel is pretty funny, coming off as two actors describing what it was like to work with one another and offering superlatives about their co-stars. And while those qualities can certainly describe the actors (Samuel L. Jackson is definitely iconic) in reality, Brie Larson was describing her other co-star, the cat Goose.

Samuel L. Jackson’s feelings might be a bit hurt by that, but who can blame Brie Larson? Goose is all of those things and more, a refined feline destined for icon status thanks to his role in Captain Marvel. He looks glorious here too.

Marvel clearly knows that cats sell, and this is another fun and savvy move from the House of Ideas that plays into that. As we’ve seen, Goose has had an unexpected, but welcome prominence in some of the marketing for Captain Marvel, and recognizing him on Love Your Pet Day is an appropriate way for the film to promote itself that ties in with the celebration.

Although this video from Marvel is mostly a fun bit of marketing, it does appear to show some footage from the film and we see that Goose finds himself in a lot of places. There’s the scene from the end of the second trailer where Nick Fury proves to be a cat lover, but there are also shots of him next to a suited Captain Marvel and in an aircraft with Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau.

Judging by the early reactions to the film, Goose will be one of the major points of discussion when audiences leave the theater. The word out of the early screenings is that Goose, along with Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos, steals the show. That means that he isn’t just a way to sell the movie, he’s actually in it and plays a role.

He’s almost assuredly not a cat at all and is in fact a Flerken as all signs point to, but I would still anticipate that orange cat adoptions and the prevalence of Goose as a pet name both see an uptick after Captain Marvel.

You can see Goose, Carol Danvers, Nick Fury and the Skrulls when Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the latest in Goose-related coverage, and check out our 2019 release schedule to see all the movies you can look forward to this year.

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