Jennifer Hudson Goes Viral Reacting To Lady Gaga’s Oscar Speech

Last night was the 2019 Academy Awards, wrapping up this year's Awards Season and celebrating the best and brightest the film industry has to offer. Aside from the musical performances and acceptance speeches, there are usually a handful of moments where celebrities go viral due to their reactions during the ceremony. There were quite a few to choose from, from both the Oscars proper and the red carpet coverage that preceded the event on ABC.

One of the most viral figures to come from the 2019 Oscars is American Idol alum and singer/actress Jennifer Hudson. Hudson was invited to sing "I'll Fight" from the documentary RBG, which was one of the tracks nominated for Best Original Song this year. While her performance may have hit a few sour notes, J Hud's most publicized moment from the Oscars came from reacting to Lady Gaga's acceptance speech for "Shallow." Just check it out below.

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With just a head nod and mouthing the word "Yes", Jennifer Hudson has become one of the most popular memes to come from this year's Academy Awards.

This quick GIF comes to us from Twitter, showing the big reaction that captured the nation's attention as Jennifer Hudson watched Lady Gaga's emotional Oscar acceptance speech. As Gaga preached about adversity and hard work, the American Idol seems to really vibe with her statements, agreeing whole heartedly b the sentiments. But since a camera was on Hudson, that reaction quickly grew to break the internet.

Jennifer Hudson's enthusiasm for Lady Gaga's speech was especially powerful because she was competing in the same category with her fellow singer. Still, the Oscar winner didn't seem to bitter about "Shallow" taking the prize, especially once Lady Gaga started her tear-filled speech. While thanking those who helped her career and turn as Ally in A Star Is Born, Gaga spoke to the importance of perseverance and hard work. It took blood, sweat, and tears for Lady Gaga to earn her first Oscar. So while you may have a big dream that haters are trying to put down, ambition isn't enough. You need to put the hours in.

You can check out Lady Gaga's speech, complete with the Jennifer Hudson reaction, below.

Lady Gaga might not have won the Best Leading Actress Oscar for her performance as Ally (that honor went toThe Favourite's Olivia Colman), but her hard work in A Star Is Born still earned the singer turned actress her very own golden statue. Overcome with emotion, she offered sage advice to the hopefuls out there, who might want to end up on that stage one day.

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