Will Smith Goes Above And Beyond To Guard Bad Boys 3 Spoilers In Quirky New Video

It's been 16 years since the last installment of the Bad Boys film franchise, and while it seemed that another entry would spend eternity in development hell, the movie is now actually in production. You can be sure that a lot of fans are very interested to see what the new film will have in store. The good news for those fans is that Will Smith has released a look behind the scenes. The bad news is, it's not going to reveal nearly as much as those fans might hope. Still, check it out to get what you can.

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Will Smith's video on Instagram promises no spoilers, and it is sure to deliver. Of course, it does so by basically removing anything of substance from the table read of the script that gets posted. Everybody's face gets pixelated, which seems excessive since it's not like we didn't know that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are actually in the movie. Their voices, when not bleeped, are pretty clear. Of course, distorting their faces does make sure you can't accidentally read their lips and figure what they're saying that's getting bleeped.

What is in the video, at some point the characters of Mike and Marcus will run down a hall, so that's...vague. There will also be a scene in a parking garage where Will Smith will make reference to the Batmobile. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Bad Boys 3 probably isn't a stealth superhero sequel, but with this little information, who knows?

Even the title of the film gets pixelated, which has to be a strictly comedic decision, as we know the movie is titled Bad Boys For Life, unless the film has been retitled and the new name is being kept under wraps for the time being.

This is actually a really funny video and it's the sort of thing that fans will probably enjoy. While fans always look for rumors and spoilers the truth is that we don't really want to know too much about what's going to happen in our favorite films before we see them. This certainly succeeds in keeping the details from us.

For those that really are waiting to see what Bad Boys for Life has to offer, there will still be a bit of a wait. The film is slated, after more delays than one can count, for a January 2020 release, which means we likely won't be even seeing a trailer until some time this far. Still, the movie is actually happening and that's something I honestly never would have expected to see happen even a year ago. It seemed like this one was going to end up fading away without ever becoming real, but it seems nothing can keep the Bad Boys down forever.

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