Bad Boys For Life Is Really Happening

After years of speculation, rumor, confirmation, and delay, it looks like the next Bad Boys movie is actually happening. After years of both fans and actors saying they wanted to see it happen, the movie was finally confirmed to be happening, but then the scheduling delays started and it looked like the film would never make it before a camera. Finally, it looks like that's about to change. Martin Lawerence took to Instagram and showed that the Bad Boys are together once again.

Martin Lawrence Instagram with Will Smith

A quick search on CinemaBlend shows stories and rumors about Bad Boys 3 that go back years. The second film in the franchise came out 15 years ago and it's safe to say that talk about a third entry started as far back as that point. The movie has been on again and off again multiple times over the years. Even Martin Lawrence thought the project was likely dead at least at one point.

It's been about three years since it was "confirmed" that Bad Boys 3 was happening, however, since then the release date of the film has been pushed back so many times that it's hard to keep track of exactly how many times it has happened.

Now, it looks like the new film, officially titled Bad Boys For Life, has been officially confirmed once again thanks to Martin Lawrence. The fact that his Instagram picture puts him and Will Smith together again is surely a good sign, up to this point, the pair has each spoken about the film separately and it's always been unclear how much either one was speaking for both whenever discussing the odds of the movie actually happening.

Bad Boys For Life has a current release date of January 2020, which means we can expect production to be getting underway sometime soon. We'd previously heard that Sony was looking to film the movie starting sometime around now, with the delay in filming Suicide Squad 2 potentially leaving Smith's busy schedule open. While this post doesn't go so far as to confirm that shooting is now underway, that could be the case or it could be planned to start very soon.

It's more than a little remarkable that Bad Boys for Life is so close to being real. It used to be a movie that spent that much time in development hell never came anywhere close to reality. Martin Lawrence especially seems to have been the primary mover on making sure this project didn't die. Now, all that hard works looks to have paid off.

And for fans, the news only gets better. The plan, at least a few years ago, was to make both a third and a fourth Bad Boys. If that's still the case, then the fact that the third film is finally actually happening means the fourth is a pretty safe bet, at least assuming the audience turns out for Bad Boys for Life.

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