Toy Story 4’s Poster Has An Up Easter Egg

Pixar is notorious for hiding in easter eggs and references from their other heartwarming family flicks into the fabric of the animation, such as a Pizza Planet truck zooming past Miguel in Coco. There are usually tons more clever tie-ins hidden in plain sight or tucked away in Pixar movies then moviegoers can attempt to spot. In anticipation for Toy Story 4, fans have already spotted a few within the film’s marketing including this one from 2009’s Up on the new poster. Take a look:

Do you see it? The amazing find from @CultureCrave on Twitter points to a painted on the wall on the left that spoofs the famous Dogs Playing Poker painting, but with the gang of hounds from Up, including Dug on the right and the movie’s villain, Charles Muntz on the left.

I personally wouldn’t have even thought about playing “I, Spy” with this movie poster! The center of the image already has a lot to unpack including Bo Peep’s new look (and the mini toy on her shoulder), Forky looking to be having an identity crisis, Key and Peele’s carnival animal characters, Christina Hendrick’s creepy Gabby Gabby character and dummy friends. Oh, and that high-flying motorcyclist up top.

The easter egg on the side of the poster is a brilliant nod to another one of Pixar’s releases, and certainly has us excited for more references to look closely for when the movie comes out. A couple days ago another easter egg was found within the most recent Toy Story 4 trailer. In the background of the shot where Bonnie is making Forky in class, Boo from Monsters’ Inc can be seen. Take a look:

Boo is that blurry figure to Bonnie’s right! These are so fun, and major props to the fans who have already found some Pixar easter eggs ahead of Toy Story 4’s release. Since the latest trailer for the movie, fans have also been theorizing about Andy’s potential role in the movie and if there will be a time jump in order to conclude the 24-year-old saga.

Toy Story 4 will follow Woody, Buzz and the gang as Bonnie and her family go on a summer road trip with her new toy, Forky – a craft project who is set on leaving her behind because he’s not meant to be a toy. Woody enlists himself to bring Forky back to Bonnie, though when he reunites with his lost love Bo Peep, he starts to change his mind about staying Bonnie’s toy too.

You can look out for more easter eggs when latest Pixar film hits theaters on June 21, 2019.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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