Matt Reeves Coyly Reacts To Robert Pattinson’s Batman Casting

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

The DC live-action universe has had a fascinating life in theaters, full of both peeks and valleys. This is especially true when it comes to the Caped Crusader's tenure in the DCEU. Ben Affleck was a highlight of Batman v Superman, but following the box office failure of Justice League, he hung up the cowl and cape for good. Now the role has been recast, as Matt Reeves' The Batman will star Robert Pattinson as the title character.

Robert Pattinson's involvement in The Batman has been rumored for a few weeks, and last week it was revealed that he reportedly beat out X-Men actor Nicholas Hoult for the role. Unfortunately, there was no official announcement from Warner Bros. or Matt Reeves. Until now. Reeves recently posted a cryptic GIF of Pattinson, check it out below.

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And just like that, Robert Pattinson is officially our next live-action Batman. This news is super exciting considering the long gestation period of Matt Reeves' upcoming blockbuster, and how long the public has waited for any concrete information regarding The Batman.

Matt Reeves' tweet is sure to elicit a mixed bag of responses from the rabid DC fans out there. On one hand, it confirms that development for The Batman has finally started taking steps forward, starting with finding the film's new star. The movie has been a long time coming, and there's been countless reports as to what it might contain. But with Pattinson officially attached to play the Dark Knight of Gotham, the upcoming movie seems to be taking shape.

But there are also some moviegoers and DC fans out there who might not be thrilled with Robert Pattinson's casting as the next Bruce Wayne. The 33 year-old actor has had a long career in movies, but his name is still synonymous with playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise. It's this connection that seems to give some fans pause. But Pattinson has done some impressive work since his time as the sparkly vampire, including The Lost City of Z, Damsel, and High Life. So those who have been following his career seem jazzed about the casting.

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In addition to Matt Reeves coyly confirming Robert Pattinson's role as the Caped Crusader, DC also created a new Twitter for the Batman franchise. This timing seem quite deliberate, making The Batman one more step close to reality. Check out their first awesome tweet below.

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Batman is coming back to theaters, and that's something that should make the generations of fans very happy. Gotham's protector is one of the most beloved and iconic comic book characters of all time, so it was hard to imagine a DCEU without the character's presence. The Batman's plot and how it will connect to the rest of the shared universe remains to be seen, exciting steps forward have been occurring.

The Batman is currently set to arrive in theaters on June 25th, 2021. And now that the cast is being assembled, that release date finally feels possible from the outside. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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