The Rock Reveals New Look At Disney's Jungle Cruise As Filming Re-Wraps After Delay

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise

The idea of transforming popular Disneyland theme park attractions into blockbuster feature films has been around for a while, but the idea has created more misses than hits overall. Only the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been able to turn the concept into box office success. Now, another attraction found in Walt Disney World's Adventureland, the Jungle Cruise, is going to try and follow that successful formula, and the project is now one step closer to reality after wrapping up its reshoots.

Dwayne Johnson has dropped some images from the end of shooting and revealed that he's officially done with his part of making Jungle Cruise the movie come to life in front of the camera. Along with the announcement, he also heaps praise on his co-star Emily Blunt, and reveals a few details about the movie and the relationship between the two characters. Check it out below.

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Originally, Jungle Cruise was given a release date of October this year, before getting pushed back to July of 2020. At the time, no reason was given for the delay and it appeared that it may have simply been done to fill a hole that was left when the next Indiana Jones movie got delayed yet again.

However, since reshoots have apparently been taking place over the last few days or weeks, barely four months before the film's original release date, it seems that the need for reshoots may have played a part in the release date being pushed back. Although, it's also possible that the reshoots could have happened sooner and were only done now because the movie had the time. Considering how busy he seems to be, one has to believe The Rock has cloned himself in order to handle all his open projects and can be anywhere he needs to be.

Reshoots are often part of the planned filming schedule, but they occasionally end up being more extensive than originally anticipated and if that happened here, it could have been part of the reason for the release date move.

At least one sequence in the reshoots does appear to have been quite involved. Dwayne Johnson shared an image of himself surrounded entirely by blue screen in what sounds like a pretty extensive effects scene based on the Rock's description of it as something he would never forget.

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Whatever this scene was, it would certainly require a lot of post-production work, so there would likely be no way it would be ready by this October.

Jungle Cruise is certainly looking to follow in the footsteps of the Pirates franchise, and considering that particular film series doesn't look like it will have any new installments anytime soon, one expects that Disney is also hoping that this theme park attraction turned movie will also see similar success. We'll find out when Jungle Cruise hits theaters next summer.

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