First Charlie's Angels Trailer Debuts The New Team

Spy-centric stories have historically done well in Hollywood, with franchises like James Bond continuing to enthrall audiences and makes tons of money. And for female characters, perhaps the most iconic spies are none other than Charlie's Angels. The brand started with the iconic TV series from the '70s, and has remained apart of the pop culture lexicon.

The franchise was had its own set of Charlie's Angels movies in the 2000's, as well as an ill-fated TV revival in 2011. Now the titular Angels are returning to the silver screen, with Elizabeth Banks in the director's chair, as well as being one of the Bosleys. The first trailer for Charlie's Angels has finally arrived, check it out below.

Well, this is exciting. While the original Charlie's Angels movie is a beloved piece of early 2000's culture, this new reboot seems to have some of the same fun energy as the original. But by taking down the camp factor, the new movie also feels new and modern at the same time.

The trailer for Charlie's Angels opens on Twilight alum Kristen Stewart, who is the biggest name from the new titular team of agents. After seducing her target with some rope play, her partner comes in to start the fight-- played by British actress Ella Balinska. They make quite a pair, and Bosley Patrick Stewart seems pleased as punch with their work and wigs. But shouldn't there be a third Angel?

That character comes in form of Aladdin and Power Rangers breakout Naomi Scott. But rather than another capable agent, it looks like she might actually be a target to protect throughout Charlie's Angels' runtime. Scott's character Elena is a great foil for the other two Angels in the first trailer, with her confusion and terror juxtaposing the confidence of the other two women.

Of course, the Angels themselves aren't the only notable ladies who will appear in Charlie's Angels. Elizabeth Banks is playing one of the Bosleys, and steals a fair amount of screen time throughout the first trailer. What's even more impressive is that Banks is actually directing the reboot, after making her directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2.

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Elizabeth Banks assembled a strong cast to bring Charlie's Angels back to theaters. In addition to the actors previously listed, the cast is round out by Netflix heart throb Noah Centineo, who appears to be a love interest for Ella Balinska's character. Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games) and Captain Marvel/ Guardians of the Galaxy actor Djimon Hounsou play two other Bosleys within the larger organization. It's a movie chock full of familiar faces.

Overall, it looks like Charlie's Angels is going to be a super fun time in the theaters. If the comedy and witty dialogue is maintained throughout the action sequences, the reboot could hit that sweet spot of action/comedy that has helped buoy blockbusters like the Marvel movies.

The trailer made a strong showing, so it should be interesting to see how well it ultimately does in theaters. With Hollywood placing an emphasis on representation and inclusion in the industry, a female-led action movie directed and written by Elizabeth Banks seems like a great choice.

Charlie's Angels will arrive in theaters on November 15th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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