Expendabros: See Sylvester Stallone's Hilarious Reunion With Arnold Schwarzenegger And Dolph Lundgren

Expendables 2 cast

If you want to see what it looks like to be forever young -- or at least forever blissfully immature -- check out action movie icons and Expendables co-stars Sylvester Stallone, 73, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 71, and Dolph Lundgren, 61, goofing around with a camera during a recent gathering.

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Gotta love Ahhhnold chomping a cigar in his mouth through it all, with the sound of cackling laughter in the background of Stallone's video.

Sly: My hand looks better than your face. I want my face covered like that.Arnold: Sly thinks his hand looks better than my face. Look at how handsome I am! Look at Dolph, look at this beauty here. He cannot stand it to have so many beautiful guys around him.Sly: We are aging so well, like a couple of saddles in the desert.Arnold: Exactly.

Goofballs. Not gonna lie, though, Dolph Lundgren is still a beauty.

Apparently the guys were gathered at Arnold's house, where he was hosting the German football team FC Bayern Munich:

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Dolph shared a similar photo with his old friends:

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If they can have this much fun off screen, hopefully they can channel that energy for The Expendables 4.

All three forever-young-bros have been in the three Expendables movies to date. Sylvester Stallone co-wrote and directed The Expendables, which came out in 2010. Sly is busy working on The Expendables 4, and just had a flash of new inspiration. Arnold said he wouldn't be in the fourth movie unless Sly returned, and there was some question about that at one point. But now it sounds like they will be back, and hopefully Dolph will join them -- among many other action movie favorites.

Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone go back to Rocky IV -- Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago -- which came out in 1985. Lundgren's Ivan Drago returned to co-star with Sly's Rocky in Creed II in 2018. Apparently Stallone is not as done with Rocky as we thought, since he's working on a new Rocky movie and also has plans for some streaming work.

Sylvester Stallone just saw Escape Plan: The Extractors released straight to DVD, and it did much better than anyone seemed to expect. (Better than the second one, anyway.) Next he has Rambo V: Last Blood opening September 20. Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning as the T-800 in Terminator: Dark Fate, opening November 1.

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