6 Different Thors We'd Love To See In The MCU

Thor Marvel

In his last few performances, Chris Hemsworth has really made it feel like there's only one person who can play Thor, but that's far from the truth. In fact, Marvel canon dictates that while Thor Odinson is an actual person being, Thor is a title that can be bestowed upon another. Marvel comics have granted others the power to others when the Odinson was unworthy, and even granted characters the power of Thor when he still was!

If I had my way, we would see each and every character worthy of Mjolnir holding that hammer (wherever it may be at the moment) high. Having said that, there's only been a handful of characters who have wielded Mjolnir in Marvel comics and became Thor, and some who didn't, but were still capable. Here's a few of the ones we'd be particularly pumped about seeing portray a different Thor if they appeared in a future MCU project or the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

Mighty Thor Marvel

Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)

Sure, we already know we're going to see Natalie Portman reprise her role as Jane Foster to play Mighty Thor, but that doesn't mean we're still not ready and wanting to see her in action! Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder will introduce a Thor that made some waves when she was first announced, but was later embraced as a suitable version of the Odinson.

We're still not sure what Thor: Love and Thunder will adapt from Jane Foster's run as a hero, but things could get really heavy depending on what elements may come into play. Prepare for some ass-kicking, and maybe pack some tissues for this upcoming adventure, because things could get heavy real quick in the next installment in the Thor film franchise.

Beta Ray Bill Marvel Comics

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill's appearance in the MCU has been long-awaited, and there have been many rumors over the years that he may one day pop up in a movie. In the Marvel Comics universe, Bill was significant because his introduction established that it is possible for two people to be worthy of the power of Thor, even when Thor Odinson is still worthy of the title. Because of that, Odin created Stormbreaker and gifted it to Bill, who became another Thor of sorts.

With Thor currently in possession of Beta Ray Bill's primary weapon, there's been some speculation that he could show up in Thor: Love and Thunder to receive the axe. If Jane's getting Mjolnir, that could mean Thor may have to take up the Jarnbjorn. We're not sure Thor is willing to relent the immense power of Stormbreaker to someone he only just met, but it would be cool that if Beta Ray Bill did appear, he wielded his original weapon at some point.

Throg Marvel

Throg (Simon Walterson)

Yes, there is a frog version of Thor, and yes, it's a travesty Taika Waititi hasn't already introduced him. With that said there's always an opportunity in Thor: Love and Thunder and down the stretch to bring in Simon Walterson. Walterson is a human who was bewitched into a frog, then joined a frog clan and was known as Puddlegulp. Honestly as far as frog names go, that's a pretty badass name.

Puddlegulp had all the luck, it seems, as he befriended a frog Thor and by sheer chance was able to wield a sliver of Mjolnir which then transformed into Frogjlnir. Now he has the power of Thor with most of the same abilities, although some are scaled to the fact that he's a frog. He'd be a bizarre addition to the MCU, but if there's any director working with the brand that could make the character work, it's Taika Waititi.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O' Hara)

Miguel O' Hara is an odd instance of an individual who was worthy of the power of Thor, in the sense that he chose not to claim the power for himself. Instead, O' Hara awoke Captain America and convinced him to wield the power. It was a pretty selfless act, if not a little bit of a tease considering we missed out on what could've been a super cool Spider-Man and Thor combination.

So, is there any chance we could see O'Hara become Thor in the MCU? Well, we're still not entirely sure if Tom Holland's Peter Parker would appear in an Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse sequel, so the odds of the Miguel O'Hara seen in the film's end credits getting his hands on Mjolnir feel slim to none. That said, it's beginning to feel like anything is possible when it comes to the MCU, so just don't be surprised if it does happen years from now.

Loki Marvel


After all the things fans have witnessed him do in the MCU, is it any surprise that Loki could figure out a way to wield Mjolnir? To be fair, it wasn't exactly his doing in the Marvel comics when a powerful inversion spell flipped Loki to good and Thor to evil. Thor's brother now had as much good as the Odinson now had bad and wielded the weapon against his brother in battle.

For the record, Thor: The Dark World did have a deleted scene in which Loki wielded Mjolnir. It ended up being a illusion he manifested in his prison cell. Now, an alternate timeline Loki is getting his own show and may have the opportunity to wield the hammer in his Disney+ series. With that said, it's doubtful this version of Loki has experienced the level of growth required to lift that hammer. Bu hey, he may just surprise everyone!

Old Thor Marvel

Future (Old) Thor

Future Thor is pretty self explanatory. He's who Thor will become in his old age. In the Marvel comics, Future Thor is the ultimate version of the hero and is elevated to the role that was given to Odin as All-Father. Unfortunately, things get somewhat complicated during his rule, but perhaps that's a story for another time.

The bottom line is that the MCU has already seen two shifts in Thor's character, and Future Thor could appear to represent the final person the Marvel hero eventually becomes. Thor will eventually become wise and more powerful than he's been to date. For Thor to encounter that version of himself, especially after that phase in Avengers: Endgame, may just be what the character needs to be reminded of what he's capable of and who he can become.

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