Spider-Man: Far From Home's DVD Cover Is Triggering Marvel Fans About His Exit From The MCU

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home
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In the last few weeks, Spider-Man has made headline after headline (meme after meme) following Disney’s departure from the franchise going forward. J. Jonah Jameson has been hard at work! The Sony/Disney break-up comes at a strange time, considering Spidey just found massive success with Far From Home’s $1.1 billion box office haul. So when marketing for the home release of the web-slinging sequel came out, fans found themselves triggered by one detail. Check out the cover artwork below:

Spider-Man: Far From Home Blu-ray cover and Endgame quote

It stings a little, doesn’t it? On the bottom of the upcoming Blu-Ray release is a quote by Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers that reads “No endgame for Spidey – he’s flying higher than ever.” The quote hits home for a couple reasons. And yes, it’s 100% the actual cover.

The word use of “endgame” has us thinking back to his recent appearance in Avengers: Endgame and how he won’t be joining his fellow heroes in future films. And fans of the franchise might find themselves cringing at the second half of the quote -- considering, after the highlight Far From Home was, there might be tons of changes afoot for the Marvel character without the MCU.

Fans are getting a kick out of the ironic cover quote, with responses such as this one:

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It does seem a bit on the nose, doesn’t it? In August, it was revealed the two studios who had joined forces to bring Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to the big screen alongside other MCU characters had ended their partnership. It was reportedly over Disney asking for a 50% in box office earnings instead of the 5% they were receiving, though the deal gave them the entire merchandising cut. Here’s another reaction:

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The Sony CEO recently commented on the news, clarifying that “the door is closed” for Disney to join the franchise again for the time being, although there is “no ill will” between the studios. The Russo Brothers recently commented that they were not surprised by the split, considering it was a tough deal to get and maintain in the first place. Kevin Feige is reportedly being stretched thin with all the expansion the MCU is planning, including the recent addition of the X-Men and Fantastic Four.

Thankfully, the abrupt end to Disney/Sony’s partnership doesn’t mean Tom Holland will cease to be Spider-Man. Sony plans to continue the franchise with the actor and may implement crossovers between Spidey and the planned Spider-Verse, such as Venom or perhaps the addition of Miles Morales?

Spider-Man: Far From Home is coming to Digital on September 17 and Blu-Ray on October 1. The upcoming home release will feature over an hour of bonus features when it swings onto shelves.

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