Jessica Chastain Shares Bonkers Video From IT Chapter Two Press Tour

Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh in IT Chapter Two

Jessica Chastain has shared a positively bonkers video from the IT Chapter Two press tour. The actress, who is currently starring as the adult Beverly Marsh in Andy Muschietti’s massive horror sequel, is busy promoting the film, and let’s just say that the press tour process isn’t just about answering a bunch of differently phrased questions. If you want to see some wild and weird stuff, IT Chapter Two is a good option, but in lieu of that, check out the video below.

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And Jessica Chastain thought getting completely covered in slimy, uncomfortable blood for the film was a challenge. Little did she know what the IT Chapter Two press tour had in store for her. As you can see, part of the press tour for the movie involved a photo shoot alongside her fellow cast members, and the photographer of said photo shoot was... well, he was a lot.

In the video posted to her Instagram, we see Jessica Chastain looking on as photographer Eric Ray Davidson gives her co-star James McAvoy direction with what can only be described as unbridled, somewhat frightening enthusiasm. It might be a stretch, but he’s almost Pennywise-esque in his intensity and relentlessness, and Jessica Chastain does say that the press tour is the scariest part of promoting the horror film.

Jessica Chastain looks as if she suspects she’s being trolled, like Ashton Kutcher is going to pop up out of nowhere to reveal that this is all a big joke. The best part is the way she, in classic Jim from The Office fashion, constantly looks to the camera filming the video and mouths ‘what’ and ‘wow’ in response to the photographer. She was clearly taken aback by the situation and didn’t really know how to deal with it, and honestly, who would?

James McAvoy, in a display of British composure, takes everything in stride and seems unphased by the caricature-like display going on before him. He follows all the directions of Eric Ray Davidson and even comments on Jessica Chastain’s professionalism working under such extreme duress with someone whose style isn’t perhaps what she is accustomed to.

The other cast members are hilarious here too, with adult Eddie Kaspbrak James Ransone making a Zoolander reference about the proceedings. The best is the end where Eric Ray Davidson asks them to push back on him and the Loser’s club lets fly with the expletives, with Jessica Chastain flipping the double bird at him.

Despite those middle fingers and her general bewilderment in the video, Jessica Chastain makes sure to let Eric Ray Davidson know in her Instagram post that she loved the experience. She also calls him a madman, and while I’m not sure she’s qualified to make that diagnosis, she may very well be on to something.

If you want to see something that may be more or less scary than this video depending on your perspective, IT Chapter Two is now playing. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of the movies headed to theaters this fall.

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