Watch Sylvester Stallone Jokingly Reignite Feud With Arnold Schwarzenegger In Trash Talking Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in Escape plam

Ever since the 1980s Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have had something of a rivalry going. The pair were two of the biggest action stars of their era, which led to a significant competition between them. Now that rivalry has apparently heated back up, and Stallone is striking back.

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Schwarzenegger repeated a claim that he had successfully tricked Stallone into making the infamous 1992 bomb, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. The Terminator star says he told Stallone he was thinking of making the movie, even though he claims he knew it was terrible, and that Stallone jumped in and solidified the deal for himself when he thought his rival wanted the same gig.

Stallone apparently saw Schwarzenegger's appearance on the show, and didn't love being the but of the joke. He recently told Schwarzenegger via Twitter that he's writing a sequel that he wants Arnold to star in. Check out the details below.

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My favorite dig is when Stallone points out that he's a writer, which Schwarzenegger is not. Clearly Sylvester Stallone is having a good time here. He even wishes Arnold success for this weekend's Terminator: Dark Fate.

This is essentially a follow up message to an Instagram posted by Arnold a month or so back. Arnold was remarking about a knife that Stallone had autographed as part of a charity event, and Arnold jokingly produced an even larger knife that he had signed. It was all in good fun. At the end of the video Arnold wished Stallone luck with the opening of Rambo: Last Blood.

To be fair, there are a handful of people in the comments on Stallone's post that are coming to the defense of Stop! Or my Mom Will Shoot. While nobody is claiming it's a piece of high art, many say they actually liked the movie, or at the very least it's not the worst movie ever made, as Stallone himself seems to admit here. Though even he has claimed he's made worse movies.

The film, if you somehow missed it, was a buddy comedy that co-starrted Stallone and Golden Girls' Estelle Getty as Stallone's character's mother. Stallone plays a tough cop, his normal MO. However, with the addition of an interfering mother in the picture, the movie is much more comedy focused.

Both Stallone and Schwarzenegger tried to break out of their action movie mold once upon a time. Arnold made movies like Twins and Kindergarten Cop. Sly made movies like Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot and Oscar.

Needless to say, no matter who you think made better action movies, Arnold clearly had the edge on comedies. Although, he also made Junior and Jungle All the Way, so it's not like they were all winners.

Today, the feud between the two seems to be reduced to just messing with each other. They have even made movies together like Escape Plan and the Expendables movies.

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