Nick Jonas With A Mustache? Here's What Priyanka Chopra Thought Of His Midway Look

Nick Jonas with no facial hair in Scream Queens

At the top of this article, I included a photo of what Nick Jonas, the musical phenom, member of The Jonas Brothers and occasional actor, looks like. He’s cleanshaven often, but for the period drama Midway, he added a mustache to his WWII-era look. But what did his wife think about her partner wearing a ‘stache?

Well, at least if you were to ask Nick Jonas himself what his wife Priyanka Chopra thought, he’d tell you she was into it. There’s a reason she was cool with Jonas’ Midway look too, as it reminded her of her past. He noted,

She liked it. Her father had [a mustache], and so she was into it. And then I said, 'I'm taking this off the minute I wrap,' and then she was like, 'You know what? I realize I don't like this as much as I thought I did.’

While Priyanka Chopra sounds like she was a good sport about the mustache, it seems as if Nick Jonas was quite ready to get rid of it as soon as he was done filming Midway. Not that Chopra sounds like she really minded, anyway.

While being interviewed by ET at the LA premiere of the movie, Nick Jonas was sporting a bit of scruff, but nothing like the mustache we’ve already been given a sneak peak of, thanks to the trailers for Midway. If you haven’t caught the look, however, you can check it out below.

Nick Jonas' mustache in Midway 2019

Nick Jonas’ character, Bruno Gaido, is not the only character sporting a mustache in the trailer for this movie; for example, Luke Evans’ Lieutenant Commander Wade McClusky also has his own facial hair look going on. All the mustaches really do make sense for the movie, as the Roland Emmerich film is set during WWII, during the era of Pearl Harbor and later the Battle of Midway when mustaches were common -- even the toothbrush variety Adolf Hitler sported.

These days, beards are sort of the in thing with facial hair right now, and I’d assume actors who decide to sport beards for various movie roles can go out in public with nary an eyelash batted. That’s not exactly the same for those who choose to go mustachioed (although I’m assuming Movember is a good month for mustache lovers each year).

Regardless, I still enjoy hearing about what it was like for Nick Jonas to sport the mustache in front of his wife, whom he married back in December of last year. Ultimately, I'm also happy to hear it wasn't too much of a hardship on their relationship. You never know how prickly these things can be.

Ultimately, Midway is being released this month, and the Movember tie-ins are just too good not to note. If you’d like to see all of those mustaches in action, catch the movie in theaters starting on November 8. Or be sure to check out what has yet to premiere this year with our full 2019 movies schedule.

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