Back To The Future’s Michael J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd Reunited, And Great Scott There’s A Photo

We may have now made it to the point in time where Back to the Future Part II's future is actually in our past, but the trilogy of films starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd is still incredibly popular with old fans as well as new ones discovering the movies for the first time. The two actors are still more associated with their Back to the Future roles than anything else they've ever done, which is why it's always fun to see them together even all these years later.

Doc and Marty actually got to hang out this week at the annual celebrity poker game put on by the Michael J. Fox foundation which raises money for Parkinson's Disease research. Christopher Lloyd joined other celebrities in the game, and so of course we needed to get a picture of him with Fox, just to remember the good old days.

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It's been 35 years since 1985 (I'm going to need a minute on that), It's been five years since we passed the date in the "future" where Marty and Doc Brown travel in the sequel. Back to the Future hit another surge in popularity back then, and Fox and Lloyd did some appearances together back then, but seeing them together never gets old.

If there's a single great testament to Back to the Future as a series and Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in their performances, it's that somehow, nobody has tried to remake these movies yet. Where nearly every film franchise with an ounce of name recognition has seen a remake, a reboot, a sequel or something new to cash in on the name recognition, Back to the Future remains alone in its greatness.

That's not to say the idea has never come up. A recent deepfake that replaced Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd with Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. was recently making the rounds online, and it has to be said that it worked remarkably well. The idea of a Back to the Future 4, has occasionally been floated as well, but it seems never as anything more than a theoretical idea. The only place we've seen new Back to the Future in recent years has come in comic books.

Producer Frank Marshall says that Back to the Future is up there with E.T. as one of those films that should just be seen as untouchable. He says as long as he's alive there won't be a remake. Director Robert Zemekis has made similar comments.

At some point, some sort of remake probably will happen, but any future Back to the Future movie is going to have a lot to live up to thanks to these two.

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