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At on point or another, anyone with a Netflix account has found themselves in the situation - or one very like it - where they want to watch a movie but can't seem to find exactly what they're looking for thanks to the thousands of titles hidden behind arbitrary categories in a user interface that is more like a labyrinth than anything. There has to be a better way to navigate the streaming service and find the titles you're looking for. Surely there are some tips and tricks to cut down on searching so you can watch more movies and TV shows.

Well, I've got some good news for you. There are so many options, so many workarounds, and so many time-saving methods you can utilize to get the most out of your Netflix account. From everything including using those "secret" genre codes, making the most of the browser mode, and turning off those oh so annoying autoplay trailers, the possibilities are endless.

If you're trying to get your money's worth with your monthly Netflix subscription, here are seven handy tips and tricks to set you on the right path.

A screenshot of Netflix in browser mode

Use The Browser Version For A Better Way To Find Titles

I know, I know, you would think it's easier to use the Netflix app on your Roku, Apple TV, smart tv, or video game console, but the browser version, aka the original streaming method, is the way to go. The reasons to go this route are just about endless and just about all of them will make your streaming life much, much easier to navigate and enjoy.

For starters, the browser version of Netflix has more options that are easier to maneuver than say the cumbersome Roku version that I use in my bedroom and living room. One thing I like to do is search for new movies, shows, documentaries, and stand-up comedy specials on my browser, add them to "My List," and then enjoy them on my other devices later on. Being able to actually read the descriptions of the different titles without squinting or jumping from my couch to get closer to my television is pretty nice, If I'm being honest.

Another reason the browser mode is so great is the inclusion of the "Latest" tab at the top of the screen that is split up into categories like "New TV Shows," "New Movies," and "Trending Now." The best categories in the section, however, are the "Coming This Week" and "Coming Next Week" tabs that give users the option to add the title to their queue once it becomes available. Add something now and you'll have a nice little surprise come Friday night.

Just a few of the genres that can be accessed

There are Tons Of Codes To Access All The Hidden Genres

Have you ever spent close to an hour searching through the lengthy list of genres, categories, and other lists on Netflix that seem like they were created by an evil robot obsessed with finding the most arbitrary and senseless ways of sorting movies? Don't worry, we all have. But there's a way to get around this: genre codes.

There are literally hundreds of unique codes that will take users to a menu that shows every movie associated with that genre. For example, if you go to www.netflix.com/browse/genre/7442, you will be taken to what looks like your normal Netflix page, but it only includes "Adventures." The "Popular On Netflix," "Continue Watching," "Trending Now," and other tabs are all there, as well as more detailed breakdowns within the genre.

The full list of Netflix genre codes can be found here.

This "Top Picks" section is all messed up

The "Top Picks" Section Isn't Always The Best Route

For anyone who shares their Netflix account with spouses, children, family, or friends knows that the "Top Picks" section can get out of hand fairly quickly. This can especially get bad when you let someone like your mom use your Netflix account only for her to watch a bunch of garbage and mess up the algorithm forever. One mistake and your recommendations are all out of whack.

For that very reason, I rarely use the "Top Picks" section. Instead of going off the recommendations that might have nothing to do with the movies or shows you like, search the categories and genres within to find what you're looking for. Either that or kick all those freeloaders off your account, though I don't know which one is less awkward.

Netflix profiles

Set Up Different Profiles For All Your Family Members

If you've kicked your parents, siblings, and exes off your account but still have a spouse or children still using your account, why not set up separate profiles for each member of your household. My wife and I recently did this for our two young children so that our respective Netflix profiles wouldn't get bogged down with the tremendous amount of children's shows my 4-year-old daughter likes to watch during her allotted "screen time."

Doing this saves everyone a lot of grief and makes the browsing and viewing experience that much better. Plus, you don't want to come downstairs to find your young child watching something like Ozark or The Witcher.

Those Annoying Autoplay Trailers Can Be Turned Off

There's nothing worse than trying to read the description of a title on Netflix before those annoying autoplay trailers start up. And while some aren't as bad as others, the whole idea is nerve-racking to say the very least.

There is a way around this though. If you're in browser mode, click on the dropdown menu near your profile's avatar, click on account, and then scroll to the bottom where you see "My Profile." From there, click on the "Playback Settings" link, and make the changes from there. You can turn off autoplay entirely or turn off the previews. You'll be able to browse in peace in no time at all.

Downloading titles on Netflix

Titles Can Be Downloaded For Offline Viewing On Mobile Devices

If you're using Netflix on a phone or tablet, you can download certain titles for offline viewing. This is especially helpful if you live in an area that doesn't have good internet during certain times of the day. You can download movies and shows during the non-peak hours so that you can still watch your favorite shows at night.

This method is also helpful for travel. Just load up your kid's tablet with hours of content before hitting the road on vacation and you won't have to worry about any data overages.

Requesting titles on Netflix

Don't See What You Like? Request It

The final tip is something that I didn't even know about until very recently. Did you know that you can request shows or movies that aren't currently streaming on Netflix? Well, just go to the help center and find the "Request TV Shows Or Movies" link, and then you can request up to three titles at a time.

After that, it's just a waiting game to see if your request actually shows up.

Well, hopefully those seven Netflix tips and tricks make your browsing and viewing experience that much better moving forward. They will certainly cut down on the search time.

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