Apparently There Was A Graphic Peeing Scene In Cats That Was Cut

Cats Jennyanydots stares into your soul

Director Tom Hooper’s big screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s infamous musical Cats was, by typical standards, a total disaster. With a horrific domestic showing and a consistent pattern of being dunked hard on the internet, the major Razzie Award-winning picture could use a break. But then it was speculated that on top of cat buttholes allegedly being added, and then removed, from the film, there was apparently a scene where you could see a cat pee.

Man, when it rains it pours in the world of Cats, as you’ll see in the smoking gun below:

I have probably more shocking informations than the existence of buttholes. There was a shot which had one of the cat peeing, like literally peeing. Cat is facing towards screen, you can see everything. That shot was client final, however when I saw in the theatre, seemed like they took off the pee effect.

This inside tip came from a VFX artist who worked on the film and submitted an anonymous tip through Twitter. Acknowledging the butthole issue that was mentioned before, this rogue artist then dropped that bomb of a story above. Perhaps the most shocking piece was that in a movie that allegedly added, and dropped, cat buttholes, a graphic pee scene was in the film up until the final cut of Cats was delivered to Universal.

Of course, as we saw in theaters, no such scene was present in the collage of scenes that were apparently ready to be seen by paying audiences. Like an insidious thought virus, the next question to fall into place is quite obvious: which cat in the world of Cats had the honor of whizzing their cares away?

Was it Mister Mistoffelees in the living room? Could it have been Bustopher Jones on the docks? Or was it Macavity and/or Bombalurina, right in the middle of the Jellicle Ball floor? If you thought any of those solutions were correct, you’re absolutely wrong! Per a follow-up tweet from another Cats veteran, it was none other than Rebel Wilson’s Jennyanydots, in the kitchen sink, staring straight into the audience’s souls.

For those of you planning to play along at home, if you happen to buy Cats for your digital library, when Jennyanydots stops over the sink during “The Old Gumbie Cat” musical number, the moment stares straight at the screen is when you were supposed to see her answering nature’s call.

As Universal has only delivered a humorous, but non-commital comment regarding the buttholes of Cats’ wild theatrical experience, we’re not expecting them to whet our appetite for details on this particular matter. However, what we do expect is for the studio to playfully let stories such as these leak to the public, in the name of some golden home video returns during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Yeah… this might be the story to beat in terms of how crazy the Cats experience truly was. But you don’t have to take our word for it, as you can buy Cats on Digital HD today, and Blu-ray and DVD starting April 7. And yes, there’s still some insanity that’s been saved for the special features.

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