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Bruce Willis shaves head

Every now and again celebrities get obsessed with shaving their heads and for some reason this seems to run in the Willis/Moore family. Demi Moore did it for G.I. Jane, Bruce Willis has shaved his head for years now. This week, Bruce also helped out his daughter Tallulah with shaving her head. Bald is definitely beautiful for this family.

In fact, it was a family affair, as her sister Rumer Willis helped by keeping tabs on and taking footage from the event and its aftermath. I’m actually a little astonished by how engaging I’ve found head-shaving in recent days, but that may be more of a symptom of the times than anything else.

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Clearly, Bruce Willis knows his way around some clippers because honestly Tallulah’s brand new ‘do looks pretty professionally done. You can hear someone in the background of the video mention “you look like Joan of Arc dude,” but honestly, the new look has been drawing way more comparisons to her famous mother.

Back in 1997, Demi Moore starred in G.I. Jane, also shaving her head for the role. The look was really notable for the actress, who had been known for her long locks throughout her career. Although she won a Razzie Award for the movie, and Moore has since said that crushed her.

Her daughter may not be following the same acting path, but she is trying out the new hairdo and also celebrated the new look with some topless photos taken by her sister Rumer that give the new ‘do an artsy bent.

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I love her so much

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Rumer Willis admitted she “shaved this nugget’s head” and her sister shared another glimpse at the photoshoot, giving her sister full credit for having taken the photos, of course.

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???????????? — @rumerwillis

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Interestingly, although Bruce Willis has remarried and had two children with his new wife Emma Heming Willis, Bruce has been staying with his ex-wife Demi Moore and daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah in recent days. This isn't a huge surprise given the two have been chummy since their divorce and Tallulah previously talked about the decision to quarantine together, noting on social media:

Hi! We made the choice to quarantine together and have been together for 27 days taking every precaution. Please stay inside and wash your hands!

After a few days in together, I’m guessing fun activities like shaving heads and taking artsy photos start to seem like a good idea. In fact, haircuts in general have been a pretty popular activity in recent weeks. Carson Daly also let his family help shave his head this week, so this has actually been a fairly common response to not having an available hairdresser around.

And who knows? Maybe Bruce Willis has figured out what he's meant to do in his second career?

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