Justin Timberlake Reveals One Issue Being In Trolls World Tour Caused With His Kid

Justin Timberlake and his character in Trolls 2, Trolls World Tour

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Justin Timberlake has a lot of solid jams under his belt. He has written or helped to write hit after hit, including “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” off of the original Trolls soundtrack, not to mention his own singles “Cry Me a River,” SexyBack,” and “Mirrors” among many more. But he hasn’t written all of the great songs in Trolls and Trolls World Tour and he says that has become a bit of an issue with his kid.

Justin Timberlake’s son loves his daddy’s Trolls movies. (Sidenote: so do Kelly Clarkson’s kids.) He loves the soundtracks too, including songs like “Sound of Silence” and Trolls World Tour’s “Atomic Dog.” The only problem? Neither are actually Justin Timberlake’s hits, but his kid keeps proudly touting them as if his daddy wrote ‘em.

He’s heard the soundtrack. He loves the song that Anna starts off, it’s called ‘Just Sing’ the whole cast is in it. I never did any vocals on that one. And also, he loves the song with Anderson Pack, myself and Anderson did a song together. And we redid and remastered ‘Atomic Dog’ for the soundtrack. Half of me is like, I get to introduce my son to so much new music through the covers that I’m doing. The other half of me, I’ve found I’ve had to reexplain to people. He’d go, ‘Oh, ‘The Sound of Silence’ from Trolls.’ I just had to explain to people ‘He hasn’t heard Simon and Garfunkel yet.’ We’re working on it. One cover at a time. So, I probably have to do that with ‘Atomic Dog’ again. This is not daddy’s song. This is George Clinton.

I mean, it’s really kind of a good problem to have. Most kids wouldn’t be exposed to George Clinton/P-Funk or Simon and Garfunkel, but thanks to Trolls and Trolls World Tour, they have. Still, as Justin Timberlake told E! in an interview also featuring Anna Kendrick, the whole thing can get a little awkward as his kid tries to give his dad credit for songs that aren’t actually his songs.

On the bright side, like a lot of parents out there, Justin Timberlake did have the experience of watching Trolls World Tour with his kid and the whole family seemed to enjoy how much “funnier” the sequel is.

We did screen the movie just the other day, my whole family, and I think the movie moves so fast and it’s so funny. We were just talking before about how much funnier we feel like this movie is over the first one. I dunno, [my son], he needs to see it again. He loved the 'trochellas.'

If you’ve ever caught Trolls, the movie version of “The Sound of Silence” is actually performed by Anna Kendrick and produced by Justin Timberlake. Here’s a look at the musical moment from the flick.

Needless to say, it’s very different from the Simon and Garfunkel version.

While this story about Justin Timberlake's kid is a little funny as well, it also deepens my appreciation of someone who spends their life in the limelight and is a parent too. There will always be some embarrassing stories that come along with teaching your kids as they grow up. And when you're famous, sometimes those awkward stories travel a whole lot further than they do for normal people, but it also makes celebrities feel more authentic. Plus, insofar as an “issue” like this one goes, I assume it’s mostly still a really cool experience to be able to share a movie like Trolls World Tour with your kids, particularly when you were such an integral part of making the movie.

While we can’t relate about that part, if you do want to share this experience with your kids, you listen to the soundtrack on Tidal, or catch the movie, which is available on VOD as a rental. Meanwhile, don’t make the mistake some other parents have with the flick.

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