Chris Hemsworth Reveals Crazy Fan Encounter While Filming Netflix's Extraction

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction (2020)

As one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth is used to getting a large amount of attention from his fans. This is especially true when it comes to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who are wild about his role as Thor. Well, this energy seems to have carried over while he was filming Extraction in India. Hemsworth is now looking back on one particular fan experience that left him both impressed and scared:

They'd just chase us to set, basically, and [at] every traffic light or every time we'd slow down they'd be banging on the window trying to hand cards in. I've never seen that kind of enthusiasm. It was impressive and scary at times. It was so scary. I swear a couple times, I was like, 'He’s gonna die.’

When listening to Chris Hemsworth tell this story to Yahoo! Entertainment, it’s evident that he’s still rattled by the ordeal, and he certainly has reason to be. Having fans passionately reach out to you must be flattering. But seeing them literally risk their lives just for the opportunity to see you has to be daunting.

Hemsworth had plenty of reasons to be nervous on the set already, especially given the physical nature of his role. So it’s safe to say that seeing fans act recklessly probably didn’t ease that anxiety in any way. Thankfully, it doesn’t sound like anyone was actually harmed in the process, which is definitely a bright spot in this situation.

The interactions between celebrities can vary depending on the circumstances. While a number of them can be negative, most can be very positive. Despite this one instance, Hemsworth appears to have had good interactions with fans.

When Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters, he, director Taika Waititi and a number of his co-stars surprised viewers at a screening and were greeted with plenty of excitement. The Australian actor is also known to have fun with his fans as well, which trolling them about potential spoilers for an upcoming film.

The connections between celebrities and fans has always been important, and that’s only become more apparent due to the world’s current situation. As a result, many public figures are finding ways to stay connected with the general public. For instance, Dwayne Johnson has been using social media to open up about different aspects of his life, while The Lord of the Rings’ Elijah Wood is using the time to play Animal Crossing with fans.

Although some fan meet-ups can be rough, many celebrities don’t let isolated incidents deter them from reaching out to their fanbases. The same can likely be said from Chris Hemsworth, who is sure to keep chopping up with his admirers whenever he gets the chance. Extraction is now available to stream on Netflix.

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