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We’ve got a Sin City 2 update for you. Sin what? Yeah, it’s been that long since we’ve learned anything of value about the sequel to the 2005 Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez uber-dark flick. Over the past few months we’ve heard things like the film is still in the "thought process" and "There’s a lot of people who are interested in it." Oh, really? Tell me something I didn’t know.

In an interview at Mania.com, producer Stephen L’Heureux of Solipsist Films confirmed Miller and Rodriguez will reteam to direct Sin City 2 and that it will go into production sometime during the second half of 2010. He added that unlike the original film, the sequel will not be based on the novels, but rather, feature a completely original story.

As always, I’m skeptical the studio will make good on this news, but someone must be nudging this film along because it’s pushing another Miller project aside. When asked when we can expect to see the adaption of Miller’s comic book Hard Boiled, L’Heureux explained, "With Sin City just on the horizon I don't think we'd be able to do it with Frank right away. As simple as Sin City seems, it's a very complex scheduling with all these actors and it's a very demanding shoot to be on a sound stage all day long. We have to space it for Frank. There's also talk, of course, of Sin City 3." Whoa! We’re talking Sin City 3 already? I’m still doubtful we’ll ever actually see the second, so don’t get ahead of yourself L’Heureux!

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