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Why Jennifer Lawrence Finally Decided To Join Twitter

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Jennifer Lawrence has been known for her candid and fun interviews in recent years, but unlike some of her celebrity peers, she hasn’t been super open or active on social media. That is, until this week, when Lawrence made the decision to become the latest celebrity to join Twitter in a move to highlight an organization she supports.

She’s not big on following a lot of people right now, as her Twitter account only follows RepresentUs and the NAACP Legal Defense’s Sherrilyn Ifill. However, she has gotten the blue checkmark and amassed a slew of followers all in the name of social justice and “getting corruption out of politics,” as she previously told Vogue about her organization.

Jennifer Lawrence has been on the board of directors for Represent.Us and has been a part of that organization for several years. She’s also on the list of donors for the organization and often does PSAs and other work for the nonprofit, which strives to work toward anticorruption legislation. David O. Russell and Adam McKay, whom she will work with on an upcoming comedy, are also members of the organization. Her first couple of tweets focused on issues related to Represent.Us, including this one:

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It makes sense that one of her early tweets would be about Breonna Taylor, a young nurse who was killed by the Louisville Metro Police Department after they entered the wrong home in March. Jennifer Lawrence is originally from the same city and grew up in Louisville before being discovered in New York and embarking on an acting career.

Now, at 29, Jennifer Lawrence said a while back that she would be taking a break from work to focus on other matters that are near and dear to her heart. In 2018, she said she would “take the next year off” to focus on her work with Represent.Us. The next step seems to be to add her voice to the social media platform.

She’s not the only celebrity to join social media well after he or she became famous. Johnny Depp is a recent addition to Instagram, for example, and Jennifer Aniston only joined social media late last year.

What’s been interesting to watch is how celebrities have used their platforms, some to entertain and keep celebrities relevant, some as a way to reach people about charities and other organizations and some as a way to promote brands and productions they are working on. The best follows probably do a little bit of each. (Is that last line an opinionated pitch advocating for following The Rock? I’ll let you decide.)

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence’s year of no filming is over, albeit perhaps a little delayed by current global events. Next up, the actress has a Lila Neugebauer Project, as well as Don’t Look Up, Mob Girl, and Bad Blood, another flick with McKay featuring the story of Elizabeth Holmes, who created a biotech company that supposedly did wonders with blood testing, allegedly creating technology that later turned out to be a hoax. We'll let you know as soon as those move forward.

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