Kevin Hart's Really Turning Up The Workouts Ahead Of His 41st Birthday

Kevin Hart as Franklin "Mouse" Finbar in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

Working out and getting ample amounts of exercise are definitely things that most of us try to fit into our day-to-day routines and, after being in self-quarantine, many have made the time to get their fitness fix. This also includes celebrities, whether they’ve been preparing for roles or just aiming to stay in shape. Well, the fitness bug also seems to have bitten Kevin Hart, who is aiming to amp up his physique ahead of his 41st birthday.

Kevin Hart has recently been posting videos of himself working out, and in one particular Instagram post he mentioned his upcoming birthday and declared that he’s only getting better with age. Check out his video down below:

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The actor definitely appears to be putting in the work and, based on the videos he’s shared, he seems to be getting it down with relative ease. It’s goes without saying that it gets harder for some to work out as they get older, but it’s nice to see that Kevin Hart has found the motivation to do so.

One has to wonder if part of Kevin Hart’s motivation came from his friend and frequent co-star, Dwayne Johnson. Like Hart, Johnson has also been using his time to work out in his personal gym, which is partially due to his prep for upcoming roles. And with gyms gradually opening back up again, Johnson also shared some advice for those preparing to return to their favorite workout spots.

It’s honestly amazing to see so many actors remain in top physical condition. It’s true that many of them do so for work and have the benefit of extensive resources to help them do so. But many have proven to be committed long after they’ve fulfilled their work obligations.

Most recently, Kumail Nanjiani shocked much of the world when he got buff for Marvel’s The Eternals. The comedian also revealed that even following the completion of filming, he’s still been working out during most of his time in self-quarantine. He’s also planning to maintain his new muscles, as he believes it’s far easier to maintain that kind of body type than it is to gain it.

And of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger, at 72 years old, is also a regular gym patron and has been missing his workout sessions since self-quarantine began. But although his gym is opening back up, he’s been hesitant to return due to the fact that the company isn’t requiring patrons to wear masks.

If anything, the efforts of Kevin Hart and his celebrity peers serve as a bit of motivation for those of us who may have a difficult time fitting exercise into our schedules. And as you can say by the range in ages, you’re never too young or too old to get started.

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