Is Netflix's 365 Days Getting A Sequel? There's More To The Series Already

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365 DNI, aka 365 Days for English-speaking Netflix users, has been a huge hit on the subscription streaming service for a few weeks now. The movie has drawn comparisons to Fifty Shades of Grey and has even started a trend of tracking down sexually explicit titles on Netflix. It’s stuck around in the most popular projects on Netflix for many days, but will the subscription streaming service greenlight a sequel?

Why 365 Days Is Probably Getting A Sequel

The prospects are looking good. As noted prior, the movie has been extremely popular during its admittedly short run on Netflix. At the time of this writing the movie was the third-highest rated project on Netflix. The content occupying the #1 and #2 slots are television shows, so it’s the been the most popular Netflix flick for quite a bit, though Will Ferrell’s Eurovision is coming out this weekend.

Then there’s the other major fact that 365 Days is based on a book in a trilogy (another similarity to Fifty Shades of Grey). The second book in the Polish series by Blanka Lipinska is called Ten dzien, which follows Laura and Massimo once more. A third book, Kolejne 365 dni, has also been published already. So, there’s certainly already source material to make at least one sequel, if not two.

Spoilers from the movie can be found in this paragraph! Amazingly 365 Days ends on a cliffhanger note when lead character Laura drives into a tunnel and presumably doesn’t make it out the other side after Massimo’s rival targets her. It really seems like she died in the movie, but we never see the moment actually play out on the screen. Given we know there are not one but two sequels – and you can even look into spoilers on what they are about -- it would seem we will get an answer to this particular cliffhanger in a second movie.

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What The 365 Days Team Has Said About A Sequel

So far, Netflix has not confirmed the subscription streamer and production company are on board for Ten dzien. However, series lead (via Onet) Anna-Maria Sieklucka allegedly did say on Instagram there are at least early plans to do another movie. The only problem? Right now everything is on hold due to the pandemic. She reportedly noted:

Not this year, because of the pandemic we will not be able to go abroad to shoot. You must be patient and wait. Probably it will be until next year. We do not know exactly when we will be able to start.

Obviously, it seems there’s at the very least been some talk about making more movies, although until the greenlight happens, it’s very much up in the air – as is a lot of other Netflix content right now. Meanwhile, a lot of Netflix fans have moved on to watching Gaspar Noe’s Love, so if you need more intense sex in your life, give that one a go.

If you are just now jumping on the 365 Days train, the movie is noted more for its sex scenes than it is for its plot, which follows a gangster who becomes so obsessed with a young woman after his father’s death that he kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. The two lead characters are played by the aforementioned Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone. You can catch it streaming on Netflix now or see what else is coming to the service in July or you know, get a little bit ahead of yourself and go ahead and read the full series now.

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