Bill Murray And Rashida Jones Playfully Snipe In Excellent New On The Rocks Trailer From Sofia Coppola

Bill Murray and Rashida Jones in On the Rocks trailer

Sofia Coppola hasn’t made a movie since 2017’s The Beguiled, but she’s back with a modern dramedy this time around. And she’s signed on major talent in Bill Murray and Rashida Jones to boot. The two play a father-daughter duo in the new movie who don’t always get along but who team up to see what Jones’ overly busy husband has been up to.

Also starring Marlon Wayans, Jenny Slate, Jessica Henwick and more, On The Rocks is coming from A24 and is scheduled to hit theaters in October of this year, though we’ll have to wait and see if theaters continue rolling out movies at a quick clip in the months to come. Meanwhile, you can catch the excellent first trailer for the movie, below.

The trailer, while featuring some great verbal back-and-forth from the always-likable Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, is often playful and amusing, though it does have a tinge of sadness behind it. That’s because Murray’s character Felix is convinced his daughter’s husband is cheating and Jones’ Laura even knows her life is in a rut. What follows is a lot of conversation over food and what looks to be a fun road trip in a zippy roadster.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on what Apple or A24 have been up to recently, you may know the two companies have partnered up to produce some original content. The first movie in this partnership just so happens to be On The Rocks, so we’ll have to wait and see if that helps to get some extra eyeballs on the content A24 has been putting out. In fact, the movie will be hitting Apple TV and theaters, so there will be a few different ways to catch it when it comes out.

The movie actually filmed all the way back in June of 2019, but as has happened with a lot of projects lately, it's taking a while for On The Rocks to see its theatrical debut. That will be changing soon, however. The trailer itself simply says "coming soon," which actually seems ominous to me, like the team behind it didn't want to slap a date on in case it needed to change. However, given its simultaneous release on Apple TV I'm probably reading into things. The flick is expected to release this coming October, with a specific day to be listed later.

Meanwhile, as theaters like AMC and Regal begin opening up in the U.S. with new safety precautions, we should be hearing about more and more movies getting official release dates. You can take a look at what the calendar has to offer so far. All that is still subject to change, of course, but we'll keep you updated about everything movies related in this wild time we're living in.

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