Bella Thorne Reveals The Real Reason Why She Joined OnlyFans

Bella Thorne Blowing A Dandelion

Bella Thorne has been up to a lot of random stuff over the past year. Notably, she produced an award-winning porn film, competed on The Masked Singer and then joined OnlyFans, a subscriber site that has netted her a lot of money in a short time. Now, Thorne has revealed the real reason she joined the platform, which is known as an “anything goes” sort of platform that hosts everything from X-rated content to exercise videos.

In a recent interview, Bella Thorne revealed that not only has she made a ton of money during her short time on OnlyFans, she also has a secret plan behind why she joined. She says she plans to use the research from the site to create her own moving, telling the LA Times she also plans to act in the flick.

It's a feature we are researching as I'm living it currently. What are the ins and outs? What does a platform like this do to its users? What's the connective material between your life and your life inside the world of OnlyFans? ... How can it change your life for the worse and the better? How far are you willing to go, and how far do you WANT to go? You can be me, or this talented girl from Montana, and OnlyFans could change your life — if you want it to, of course.

The Florida Project director Sean Baker is also involved in this upcoming movie project, which is reportedly in its early stages. In fact it may take a few years of research to really get off of the ground, per reports.

OnlyFans has popped up in pop culture thanks to Cardi B having her own dedicated page. Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson was allegedly doing his own work there for a while, noting he and his then-girlfriend Annalise Mishler were doing a co-account for premium fans that kinda sounded like porn.

Bella Thorne initially announced she would be joining OnlyFans with a video featuring her in a pink bikini she seemed to be about to take off while wearing a giant necklace that said “Sex.” She later said the move had to do with talking “about the politics behind female body shaming & sex!!!”

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Now that she’s part of OnlyFans, Bella Thorne has refused to do nudity on the platform, that hasn’t stopped subscribers from flocking in. She says she's made over $2 million in her first week on the platform so far from semi-suggestive content that includes her in a bikini – similar to the type of stuff you’d see on her Instagram (The platform itself confirmed she made $1 million in 24 hours). She has asked if her OnlyFans would be interested in showering, lingerie or twerking, among other options, though she also told the LA Times she’s interested in sharing “baking” and more.

We’ll have to wait and see how all of this compiles into a movie project, but for now, if you want to contribute to the production fund for the flick, you can always join OnlyFans and check out what Bella Thorne is up to. Meanwhile, she has said her new movie Infamous has a "huge fucking message," so you can check that out as well. Her series Paradise City, which will feature an orgy, is expected out in 2020 as well.

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