Bella Thorne Pumped She's 'Breaking Taboo' With Award-Winning Pornhub Movie

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Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne probably shocked quite a few of her old fans when she debuted a short film she directed, Her & Him, for PornHub last month. Thorne had been trying to get backers for the movie for some time, but came up dry until the site chose to step and and feature it as one of their Visionaries Director’s Series films. Now, PornHub is honoring Thorne with an award for her work.

PornHub announced recently that Bella Thorne will be honored with their Vision Award at the company's second annual PornHub Awards Show, which will take place in Los Angeles on October 11. And, Thorne has already let everyone know how pumped she is that Her & Him was received so well. Here's what she had to say:

I’m honored to receive this award. I’m excited for visions of beauty like this to be shed in a new light. Breaking the taboo of what’s classified as beautiful has always been a vision of mine and it brings me such joy to see this being recognized for what it truly is…beautiful visionary art.

The (definitely not for youngsters) movie, which features adult film stars Abella Danger and Small Hands, focuses on a man who picks up his girlfriend's phone, only to realize that she's been investigating ways to kill your lover and get away with the crime. Their morning then spirals out of control, turning into a sexually charged encounter. Bella Thorne's film was the third made for PornHub's Visionaries Director’s Series, which features debut movies from unexpected directors in an effort to create more diversified porn content.

As to why Bella Thorne thinks she had so much trouble getting this film made until PornHub stepped in, she believes that it's not just the adult nature of Her & Him, but some of the specific themes that she chose to focus on when making it:

People are kind of scared to make a movie like this one when it comes to dominance and submissive(ness) between a male and a female and how this relationship can turn quite sour.

While Thorne is certainly still mostly known for her roles in shows like Shake It Up, Scream: The TV Series and Famous In Love, and movies such as The Duff and Assassination Nation, she has been starring in and / or directing short films of an adult nature since last year. With titles like Pussy Mine and Fuck Me Fire Truck under her belt, it's clear that the area of adult entertainment is something she's passionate about and intends to keep working in, even when she has difficulty convincing others that the subject matter needs to be explored.

Bella Thorne isn't done with more traditional avenues of entertainment, though. She currently has seven projects in some stage of production, including a sequel to Netflix's The Babysitter and the upcoming series Paradise City.

If you're interested in watching Her & Him, right now it's only available on PornHub Premium, but you'll be able to see Bella Thorne before too long in other, less mature, content.

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