Justice League’s Jason Momoa Puts Support Behind Co-Star Ray Fisher’s Battle With Warner Bros.

Cyborg and Aquaman in Justice League

While most of the focus surrounding Justice League in the last few months has been excitement surrounding the fact that Zack Snyder's Justice League is actually happening, the story of the original production of the film is not over yet. Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in Justice League, has accused director Joss Whedon of abusive behavior on the set of the film, and Fisher now has a very public ally in the form of his co-star, Aquaman Jason Momoa.

Warner Bros. is currently investigating the claims that Ray Fisher has made about the working environment during the extensive Justice League reshoots. Now the investigation itself has become a new place of tension, as the actor has made it clear he has questions about the independence of the investigation that is underway. Fisher is getting a lot of support from fans during this ongoing battle, and in a recent Instagram post, Jason Momoa joined the chorus of voices standing with the actor.

Jason Momoa Instagram post I Stand with Ray Fisher

Jason Momoa's support here is a potentially powerful statement. While Justice League as a production was something of a flop, Momoa's solo Aquaman movie was a massive hit. A sequel has already been given the green light, which means that Momoa's relationship with DC, and by extension Warner Bros., is ongoing, and important to both sides. Fisher has been the only one speaking out about whatever it was that happened on the set of Justice League, and Momoa could easily stay out of this as most everybody else has done. Though, to be fair, staying quiet on issues isn't exactly Jason Momoa's style.

It will be interesting to see if Jason Momoa has more to say in the coming days. Momoa's words here could be read as a simple statement of support for a friend going through a difficult period, or they could be seen as an endorsement of what Ray Fisher is saying took place. Odds are the other Justice League actors will be part of this investigation being conducted by Warner Bros. Even if they don't have their own stories, they may have witnessed some of what Fisher claims happened.

While Ray Fisher has been unable to go into specifics regarding exactly what happened on the set of Justice League, he has called out director Joss Whedon and producers Jon Berg and Geoff Johns specifically as people who were either abusive or supportive of such abuse during the filming. Fisher claims Johns threatened his career when he tried to take his concerns about the production up the proper chain of command.

Whatever happens with the current investigation, it seems likely that we will learn more about what allegedly happened on the set of Justice League, even if it means waiting for non-disclosure agreements to expire. Despite Ray Fisher's issues with DC and Justice League, the actor has made it clear he's committed to continuing in the role if and when Cyborg returns to the big screen.

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