First Look At Adam Sandler’s Netflix Movie Hubie Halloween Includes A Happy Gilmore Reunion

Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler has been on a roll with Netflix for close to half a decade now, with most of the comedy star’s movies during that time either being directed released to the streaming platform or at least being distributed there. The next Sandler/Netflix collaboration coming up is the PG-13-rated Hubie Halloween, which sees Sandler reuniting with his Happy Gilmore costar, Julie Bowen.

You can take a first look at Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen’s reunion with the first Hubie Halloween photos, which also include peeks at fellow cast members Tim Meadows, Maya Rudolph and Kevin James.

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Adam Sandler’s last movie was Uncut Gems, a tense crime thriller that saw him playing a desperate jeweler who has to retrieve an expensive gem to pay off his debts. Hubie Halloween brings Sandler back to his comedic wheelhouse, where he plays Hubie himself, a good-natured, but eccentric volunteer who’s mocked by both the kids and adults in Salem, Massachusetts and finds himself at the center of a murder investigation on Halloween night. That marks two murder mystery-centric comedies in Sandler’s filmography in just two years, as he starred alongside Jennifer Aniston in last year’s aptly-named Murder Mystery.

While Julie Bowen is best known over the last decade for playing Claire Dunphy on Modern Family, which concluded its 11-season run earlier this year, one of the actress’ first movies was 1996’s Happy Gilmore, where she played Virginia Venit, the eponymous protagonist’s love interest. In the years following, Bowen went on to star in movies like An American Werewolf in Paris and Joe Somebody, and TV shows like Ed and Boston Legal, but her and Sandler’s paths finally crossed again for Hubie Halloween.

It’s unclear who Julie Bowen is playing in Hubie Halloween, as none of the other characters in the movie have been identified yet. Judging by the above photo though, it looks like Bowen’s character and Adam Sandler’s Hubie know each other, although whether they just met or she’s known him for a while remains to be seen. My money’s on her being one of the few characters who sympathizes with Hubie rather than ridicules him like everyone else.

Along with Tim Meadows and Maya Rudolph playing a couple dressed as a beheaded gentleman and Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween, and Kevin James playing a gloriously bearded, Pay Day-loving cop, Hubie Halloween’s cast includes Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider, Michael Chiklis, Kenan Thompson, Colin Quinn and China Anne-McClain, to name a few. Along with playing the lead character, Adam Sandler also produced Hubie Halloween through his Happy Madison Productions company and co-wrote the script with Tim Herlihy, while Steven Brill directed the feature, this marking his fifth time helming a Sandler movie.

Hubie Halloween is set to drop on Netflix October 7. For those of you curious about what movies are supposed to play in theaters later this year, head to our 2020 release schedule.

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